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The Dessert Of The Real, Or: Shut The Elf Up!


For those of us out here in the real world, if you've not had a friend suddenly go gay on you, and if you've not had private conversations with yourself about whether or not you think they're acting authentically or acting out or doing whatever they're maybe doing, and if you've not wondered if in fact this was always burbling or a part of their wider sexuality that you just weren't aware of, then you've probably never had the experience of realizing that it's none of your fucking business how they got there until they talk to you about it. At which point, you take them at their word, because whether or not you think it's okay or the right thing, ultimately it's their call. Ultimately it's happening, whether or not you sign off.

And while I believe strongly that the obvious difference between descriptive and prescriptive storytelling is undergoing serious attrition right now in our conversation about media, to a degree that's both laughable and embarrassing, in this case maybe it's smarter to just operate from the parallel assumption that Tara -- while a fictional person -- has made this change and go deeper with that, instead of fighting it. Because you're not going to get anywhere arguing with the facts, which are that Tara has made this change, which brings up questions that are okay to think about too.

And also, thanks for the support, but the last thing gay and bisexual people need is somebody explaining our lives to us. Especially in such sheltered, literal ways, like, if you think a guy is gay just because he fucked another guy. If you honestly think that's how it goes, you are in need of some greater and more varied social interactions. (Or honestly, to pay closer attention to the people you already know.)

I assume this show is still smart and still knows what it's doing and at some point there's going to be a conversation that goes, "Is this because Eggs died and then you got raped by that vampire," so that Tara can say, "No, but I am cage fighting because of those things." (And then, knowing Tara, hopefully something like, "How the fuck are you going to come over to me and simplify my identity and my choices just to fit your bizarre theories about the way sex works?")


This gross drunk guy walks up to enjoy the show of Tara and Naomi making out and acts really gross and Naomi offers to crush his spine enough that he can suck his own dick, which is creative, but then the craziest thing happens: With clear eyes and a full heart, Tara Thornton of all people calmly and kindly explains her sympathy for the man's desperation.

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