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The Dessert Of The Real, Or: Shut The Elf Up!

"I'm sad for you, buddy. Sad that you've got to hassle women on the street, sad that you've got to make an asshole of yourself for the attention and sad that you've got to offer money, because there's nothing else about you that's worth loving."

That about covers it, I think. And while the "I am Zenlike and compassionate" thing usually just means the person is going to go apeshit when they've had enough -- or worse, that unctuous "I'm sorry for you," that condescending superiority pretending to sincere nonaggression instead of what it is: rank inferiority and a fear of confrontation -- but in this case it's great because we just saw her go apeshit and then plus it's Tara who we could've assumed would have attacked the man the second he showed up, so it carries more weight than just your usual clich├ęd verbal takedown of this guy, which -- while admirable -- is not as satisfying to watch.

Naomi calls her "Toni" as they're leaving and I'm struck first by Toni's immediate understanding that the man wouldn't remember his grotesque acts tomorrow -- having grown up in an alcoholic household, drawing on it without getting triggered by it -- and then secondly the way she held Naomi back, for a second, like she was letting her better self fly. Protecting, not attacking.


Arlene: "Sookie! I have noticed that you didn't die. But if you had, that's so relevant to my experience because of having dated a serial killer!"
Sookie: "Arlene. I have noticed that you are still Arlene. Sorry I missed what was no doubt a truly classy wedding."

Lafayette: "Why didn't you text me instead of letting us assume you were dead?"
Sookie: "Next time I'm abducted by aliens, I will make sure to do so. Where's Tara?"
Everybody: (Stares awkwardly.)
Lafayette: "Everybody kept dying and/or raping her, so she's on a road trip."
Sookie: "Okay, well, tell her hi."

Sam, tail seriously unwagging: Grrrrrrr.
Sookie: "Wow. I was pretty sure you'd be kissing my ass on a champion level. It's a sad day when Eric's cold dead flesh registers more joy at seeing me."
Sam: Grrrrrrr.
Sookie: "Look, I'm sorry. I guess a lot's changed. Like you're mean now."
Sam: "Yeah, a lot has changed and you weren't here."
Sookie: "I, I guess I'll go fuck myself, then?"
Sam: "You start part-time. Holly and Arlene got kids, they need the shifts."

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