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The Dessert Of The Real, Or: Shut The Elf Up!

Maxine makes Tommy say grace, which causes him to be adorable about what a dork she is. He's naturally a grifter so it's fine to just assume he's using her -- and there's nobody that deserves to be fucked with more -- but I like to imagine that he also likes the intense amount of attention she's prepared to give. He's never exactly shied away from the fact that he is desperately in need of being loved, in addition to being super fucked up. I missed Tommy, I had no idea you could feel that way.

Tommy: (Makes a point of engaging Sam, who is trying to ignore him.)
Sam: "How's that physical therapy I'm payin' for?"
Tommy: "Could use a couple more months. How's that anger management class?"
Sam: "...Might need to go more often."

Ah, Bon Temps. Where you shoot your brother and it ends up costing you. But after all the sudden darkness of Sam coming out last year, it's pretty exciting to think about him talking about anger, like in anger management, because the dull rumble of his constant resentment and grumpiness is cute but not as cute as Sam liking things. Or life.


Right in the middle of doing it, girl style, Tara gets a text from Lafayette about Sookie being alive and home. Because she's not Tara from Bon Temps with no father, but Toni from Atlanta with two parents and a dead grandma and lesbianism, she tells Naomi she's not overly concerned about the message.


The Redoubtable Portia Bellefleur, head of the Bon Temps Chamber of Commerce -- whom we still haven't noted is Andy's beautiful sister -- meets up with Sookie for a meeting about the house thing.

Portia: "Sid Matt is dying of being old and also friends with pedophiles, but such is life that people still want to see his name on the paperwork because in the South they hate women."
Sookie: "I have never made cappuccino before, and I don't know what it is, so I mostly just made you coffee and then strange whistling noises over the cup, behind the counter."
Portia: "Your buyer, this AIK, is a PO box in the Caribbean, so probably they're trustworthy guys. I am going to keep looking, but I am going to charge your ass my usual rate. We don't have an alien-abduction discount."
Sookie, cannily: "I'm sure someone with your skill can do it in half the time!"
Portia, letting it slide: "And then they're going to want recompense for the thousands of dollars they did cleaning it up after Maryann turned it into a fungal grotto of the spirits."

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