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In addition to being a real policeman (practically Sherriff, technically, now that Andy's flown the damn coop) Jason is also still the dad of the panthers in Hotshot. That's wonderful, because I thought it was going to be one or the other, but by having him be in both worlds you get a real sense of just how far he's come.

The best panther kid is Timbo, who is played by this ridiculously great actor Dane DeHaan, about whom you are going to be hearing a lot for years and years. I hope Timbo is a major character, it's so good to watch this kid work. I even broke my No Watching In Treatment Rule for him.

So Jason unloads the food he's brought them -- hot dogs, ice cream, pork and beans -- and sends Timbo to the icebox with the ice cream so he can wrestle some raw meat out of one little girl's hands -- I guess part of being a grownup is ignoring the fact that these people eat raw meat regularly so that he can teach them not to eat raw meat with their hands -- and they're gross enough that Jason kind of whistles to himself about how he wishes Aunt Crystal would come home and help shoulder the burden of him being dad and mom both.

Timbo comes back out, stutter-stepping like before but also shaken, and without looking at "Mr. Jason" tells him that the icebox is broken, it's not cold, and Jason asks if he's sure, since he just fixed it, and Timbo still won't look him in the eye, and if you know it's a trap then you know that Timbo is acting like two things at once -- he is being evasive, and he is also just naturally kind of slow -- but since you don't know that, you wouldn't know the difference in how he's being, and since you don't know the difference, you would also get slammed into the icebox and locked inside, because you wouldn't know to watch out for Timbo.


Speaking of the developmental iffies, I'm sorry to relate that Marnie's pet bird Minerva has dropped dead. I have this thing, this Nell/Flowers For Algernon thing, where I can't handle pathetic people being sad, and Marnie is the most pathetic person, and she's so sad about her bird, and it's awful. It's like watching a little kid drop her ice cream on the sizzling hot sidewalk, only the ice cream is your heart. (Also, Fiona Shaw is one of our greatest living actors -- she's known as the definitive Medea. Which, if just knowing that doesn't scare the shit out of you, read Medea again.)

It starts as a ritual to send Minerva into the spirit realm, where she's got bird shit to do, bird activities, and they hold hands and chant this sort of made-up TV Witch chant, and then a neat thing happens where the camera circles outside the circle and passes the back of somebody's head, but because of the angle and the candlelight it also, on the plane of the screen, equals a shadow passing over Marnie's face. And when we get to the other side of that shadow slash head of the person, she's not quite Marnie anymore. Or she's not just Marnie anymore, I guess is better.

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