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The Dessert Of The Real, Or: Shut The Elf Up!


So when Eric suddenly appears in her bedroom, marveling at her unclothed body, when she thought she was alone, you can't blame her for being confused. Is she still having those dreams, after a whole year without his blood? How can he be in her house if she's awake, since she rescinded both boys' invites? What is the world going to throw at her next?

"You don't own the house anymore. I do."

Which seems to have struck a chord with a lot of viewers and I think I understand it. Your home is the safe place, especially on this show, and having that rug pulled out by anybody -- but especially a man and particularly a man who is constantly trying to get control over you -- is really violating. That's very effective, I think, on a level I can't quite see for myself. I mean, I get that it's scary to think "at least that person can't get me here," only to find out you've been relying on an untrue thing, and you're in the nude, and you're weirded out about the sex monster with him anyway, but even still I think there's more to it.

And in any case, what's even scarier -- and again, the music is going apeshit so you can assume the show is doing it on purpose and not that you've somehow uncovered some secret misogynist agenda -- is why:

"Because I always knew you were alive, and if I owned the house, then I would own you."

And right before the fangs come out, he informs her: She is His.

Next week: Much shorter. Less to set up and pre-explain, but also this whole episode was about introducing the problems while not explaining them and making you feel Sookie's confusion and also while setting up the whole season, which it turns out can be complicated to write about. Sookie tells Eric where to shove it, Hotshot turns on Jason, the vampires and witches clash, Bill has hairstyles and Tara comes home.

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