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The Dessert Of The Real, Or: Shut The Elf Up!

Eric: "Apparently I have to go! But understand this. Everyone who claims to love you -- your friends, your brother, even Bill Compton -- they all gave up on you. I never did."

Eric compliments her paintjob -- Things! Changing! Everywhere! -- and she just kind of shrugs and waits for Bill to fuck off. Instead, Andy Bellefleur drives up right then looking very vibrational and offended that Sookie is not dead: "You have gotta be shittin' me!"

Bill comes down closer to him, and Andy moves well out of his way, and we learn that everybody thought Bill killed her or she was kidnapped. Sookie, of course, is not about to let her Big Fuss be taken out of her own hands, so she assures him she wasn't kidnapped: She stomped off our mortal coil and don't you forget it. But Andy is very...he's a guitar string that won't stop twanging. Guess the V he was sniffing last year got him after all. Remember when he was a big drunk? Times that by V.

In fact, Andy screams so much at her -- a certain amount of caring under a heap of irritation -- that Bill finally jumps in with her non-faery alibi: She was doing Vampire Business on Bill's behalf. Andy yells about that because Bill kept it a secret, but doesn't seem to question Bill's authority to do something like that. In fact, it calms him down; Bill explains that this was a matter of human life and that her spy work was necessary.

Bill: "I will repay the costs of the search effort, as soon as you issue a statement clearing my name. Obviously, I did not kill her."
Andy: "For thirteen straight months I've had that open case on my books! If it weren't for you, this year's Louisiana Safe Streets plaque would be on my wall and not fuckin' Webster Parish!"
Jason: "Okay, Andy. Tomorrow."
Andy, not questioning his authority either: "You owe me a plaque!"

Jason hustles Andy off in the cop car, and Sookie reminds Bill that he's had a year to adjust to life, but she just dumped him an hour ago for seducing her under false pretenses. And making her feel like a jackass. And tricking her into loving him. So he needs to chill. He says it's good that she's safe, which touches her, and she says it back. Mostly, though, it reminds her she is not at all safe, and also now has no boyfriend. She is Nobody's.


Which, I think, we should maybe think about a little bit, in the context of this show, because possibly you've forgotten how the whole Mine thing works. On one level, it's territorial pissing. On another level, it's about men using women to play games with each other. But on the third level, the one that's actually relevant on a plot level to this story right now, Sookie's been smart-assing her way through the most dangerous places on Earth for every episode of this show because she was His.

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