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The Dessert Of The Real, Or: Shut The Elf Up!

She knew that he would come running. She's admitted this out loud. We've talked a lot about what that means, in terms of feminism and in terms of dangerous wild things, but because Sookie as a character is easy to overlook I think the rest of the episode will make more sense if you think about it now, because it's what she is thinking about now: To love is to bury. Do you want to be buried?

So you go from a technical Damsel In Distress, who is rarely, if ever, in actual Distress -- and who is quite capable of using men as weapons (as well as actual weapons, not to mention gardening equipment) to defend herself -- and then turn her around in the mirror to look at the fact that she is entering this world, in a lot of ways, for the first time. Where everything is scary and dangerous and suspect and coming right at her.

Which is not a safe feeling, but also not a rare feeling. And for all the hassle of having multiple vampires in love with her, it helped in this way until the price tags ended up too high. And she fled the universe rather than dealing with it and things sucked there, too. So she needs a gun or she needs to figure out which man will protect her.

Or, if you don't happen to hate women enough to assume their victimhood and lack of agency as a matter of fact, under the guise of feminism: She needs a gun or she needs to figure out which supernatural creature will solve this supernatural problem for her.

Both are true and both are valid and either way it's a story you're being told. I don't know, maybe the floating-metaphor thing is a muscle that gets sore with disuse, but I kind of thought we'd had this conversation about a thousand times already.


Immediately finds and takes away Andy's vial of V -- harsh like a man, authority unquestioned, but also because he has no patience for V at all. V has hurt Jason personally more than anybody else I can think of (besides vampires, obvs). Meaning that Andy now has no V, which means that for the rest of however long, Andy's going to be on a V hunt, because longtime alcoholic Andy got cured by Maryann but is now a drug addict instead.

Specifically a drug that acts on some guys like steroids and Viagra at once. Remember how Andy was so obsessed with Jason's sex life and his masculinity and then Jason got all obsessed with Kitch Maynard's sex life and masculinity and the whole time Lafayette was so funny about how dumb boys are? Men, historically, have a really hard time figuring out the Dumbo Feather on that one. Poor old Andy's needed V since before there was V.

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