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The Dessert Of The Real, Or: Shut The Elf Up!

Holly: "Well, it's like fishin'. Cast your line into the dark, sometimes you get a response, sometimes you don't. On nights we don't, there's always vodka."

Lafayette gives Jesus some attitude about how the "greatest witch ever" seems to be a depressing, living Depends commercial, and Marnie suddenly stops murmuring, having finally noticed the nuclear magick reactor that Lafayette is. Watching somebody "channel spirits" is about the freakiest thing you can do, even knowing it's bullshit. Fiona Shaw does a great rendition of it. I hate that shit. So Marnie mumbles at Holly for a bit, and doesn't quite get the name right and Lafayette laughs at them until she does. And boy, she does.

Marnie, via Holly: "Edith? Maybe in short form? Edie? Eddie?"
Lafayette, not getting it: "Could be, it's a common name."
Holly: "Well, you lose someone by that name, recently?"

Yes. Eddie was Lafayette's sugar daddy vampire with the red stapler that was drained and killed by Jason and Amy during their own witchy drug addict phase. Did anybody ever figure that out? I remember Lafayette yelling at Jason about things in general and getting worried and mad after Eddie was kidnapped, but I don't remember anything else happening.

Lafayette: "We... Lost touch."

Things go from bad to worse, as Marnie hands Lafayette an imaginary rose from Eddie and then speaks in an intense, but not-especially-Eddie, voice: "They drained me, Lafayette. But it's okay. It was worth it just to have a glass of Merlot with you..."

Lafayette freaks out and, with trust issues being a thing for him, immediately assumes this is Jesus's fault for talking too much about him and giving them things to charlatan about. Even in the middle of this freakout, though, they are like the best couple. There's a lot of respect between the two of them in every scene and it's nice to watch. Lafayette busts a move, obviously; Jesus chases after him while Holly comforts Marnie, who clearly has never been inhabited by a dead obese vampire before.


Comes home and finds the baby, Mikey, sitting a circle of decapitated Barbie dolls. When Terry comes out of the john she yells at him for leaving their devil baby alone and then Terry tries to keep her from going to the obvious place with the Barbie heads, but no, she's in there with a vengeance.

Arlene: "What the hell kind of baby does that?"

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