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Lilith Wants Me To Eat A Baby


Hoyt joined a hate group for no real reason. Holly talked Arlene into believing in Terry's smoke monster, is a thing that happened on this television show. Emma almost took V, but Martha stepped in, and Alcide's still looking to upset her husband's Russell's culty hold on the Pack. Lafayette walked straight into a nasty little spell in Mexico, to free Jesus's spirit. Sookie learned her blood was responsible for her parents' death, and decided to become human. Salome and Russell took control of the Authority, which tells you what they are worth, and then everybody took drugs made out of God and went out for a little late-night massacre, which Godric ruined for Eric as is his wont.


Oh, and Sam took down a mean hate grouper masquerading as a nurse in the hospital; presumably he was there to take out Luna and/or Sam, but now he's in Andy's custody.

Luna: "Can a girl get a nap in this place without people trying to murder her?"
Sam: "It's fine. Kevin's stationed outside, reading his Archie comics with his lips moving, so you're good."
Luna: "Or we could just go kill everybody."
Sam: "You just rest now, okay? I'll take up the false-equivalency cause where their racism makes me a racist."

Luna: "Do nothing? Stay in your room? Be helpless?"
She turns into Sam.
Luna: "...Did I actually just get shorter?"


All of the Authority giggles and acts high. Russell slaps Steve Newlin's ass like he's a pony, which is adorable in one way but really kind of offensive in another way. Candyman trips out on a lamp. Barb acts kooky. Russell, awwwww, looks longingly at a portrait that either resembles, or actually is of, nasty old Talbot. Nora and Salome make out. Bill and Eric do not.

Eric: "This is not so great. This is when you leave the party."
Bill: "I am going through some private things right now."
Eric: "Guys? What is even going on right now."
Salome: "Stuff about Lilith! We did drugs that were God!"
Eric: "You look dumb. Everything is dumb."
Nora: "Orrrrr is it awesome?"
Bill: "The latter!"
Eric: "Oh boy."


Sookie: "Get out of me, powers!"
Jason: "Sookie, cut it out."

She fairy-whomps him across the property, but then pulls her shit together.

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