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Hoyt's gone by the time Sam and Andy and Sam arrive to help Jessica, so they're all hummed up thinking they get to fight more racists but no, it's just dead Reggie on the floor, and nobody even knows where Hoyt is.

Sam: "...You smell that?"
Sam: "Yeah, a woman... Was a woman here? A human one?"
Jessica: "No, just guys. Gross ones, kind of white-trash hot."
Sam: "Well, there was a woman here, too. A big one."
Sam: "Lousy diet... Cheetos... Mello Yello..."
Sam: "Menthols, too."

Suddenly the Luna Sam doubles over in pain, and everybody is forced to give a shit about her some more.


Sookie: "First I was Mama, I saw what she was seeing. Then I was the vampire, I saw what he saw."
Claude: "Nope. Fairies cannot make contact with vampires."
Sookie: "I know, it's a beast. That was like the first two years of this show."
Claude: "This is, um, fucked. You psychically bonded to a vampire? Why did we even try this?"
Sookie: "Because of Albert Einstein or some shit?"
Claude: "Yeah, but there was no reason to think we'd make some sort of connection to a fucking vampire. The thing about dead-people memories is, they're dead. But you hooked up to a live wire. I mean, the Elder Faeries are going to be furious..."
Jason, verbatim: "I don't give a twirly fuck about your Elders. What I care about is this vampire! We gotta find him, and make him pay for what he did."

Claude: "Sure. We just have to be smart about it. You saw Claudine, you said?"
Sookie, in a British accent: "Leave the girl alone! And then she zapped me."
Jason: "Well, this was a goddamn bust, fairy-boy. Sookie had a horrible experience, and what'd we learn about this vampire? Diddly fucking squat!"

Just to say, the faeries in the books are a mixed bag, but there are a few -- three in particular, four if you count one that's already died on the show -- that I really love. And the further we get, between Claude looking like he does -- don't get me wrong, I'm super down with how he looks -- and Jason's particular approach, I'm beginning to wonder if we'll meet them at all. Maybe it's for the best. Anyway, Jason's bitching and then Sookie remembers her memories more clearly.

Sookie: "Wait, Claudine called me by my name. Not my name, the vampire's name I mean. Does the name Warlow mean anything to you?"

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