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Lilith Wants Me To Eat A Baby

(This, I think, is where Pam decides that Tracy will pay.)
Tara: "Oh, fuck you."
Pam: "Tara, that's enough. Don't you get uppity with me. Y'hear?"

Maybe it's being from Texas, but I just don't... This slave thing they are doing with Pam and Tara, I realize that probably Tara would think it's funnier than I do, but I just don't... It falls under "things we're allowed to say that you are not," like at the beginning of the season where everything was weird and it was like, Privilege is not caring whether something is okay or not, because at least you get to giggle at minorities if the show gives you permission. Like if a person who's clearly a bad guy or closeted homosexual calls somebody a faggot, it's funny a couple times, but eventually it's just the show saying faggot? Probably the tipping point on that is different for every person, but the dynamic, this tiny little back-and-forth, just seems a little cheesy and crummy to me.


Some Guy: "Here's JD! He's the worst and he's on drugs!"
Werewolves: "Just like us!"
Some Guy: "Here's Alcide! He's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen in your life!"
Werewolves: "Undeniably!"
Some Guy: "Now they are going to fight or something!"
Werewolves: "It was inevitable really!"

The Drill: "Candidates -- either in wolf or human form -- will track, capture, and kill the quarry animal..."

JD: "But instead of a deer or a wild boar like usual, we're going to hunt this tiny college track star! In human form! The opposite, basically, of the rules you just said!"
Werewolves: "You're like Sarah Palin right now! It is awesome"
Alcide: "I don't know about all this."
Track Star: "My dad's a councilman! He'll give you anything!"
Alcide: "You guys, this is gross."

What Alcide does not exactly say but pretty much says, "I'm beginning to wonder why I spend any time with you guys at all, much less care about becoming your leader. I realize that he's got you into a drug cult, but surely at some point your self-respect has got to kick in. I mean, you realize you're cheering for aggravated murder at this point? Of an innocent child? You guys made that connection yet?"

JD: "Okay, are you forfeiting?"
Alcide: "I guess. This is super nasty."

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