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Lilith Wants Me To Eat A Baby

It's like how Anna Paquin said about him, the last hope for peace had to die, because there is no hope for peace. That's still so true, and so awful. But so good! So much good and so much love came out of that moment; it flicked the beaker on a lot of people and made them crystallize into other shapes: Eric, obviously, in several ways. Sookie, I think, more than she knew. You know? But in the end, I'm not sure Godric was right. He wasn't a plague. He was wonderful. His children are wonderful. Their children are wonderful. He brought light and love into the world, and taught by example.

You get so tied up into what is nature and what is not nature, you know? By his logic, death is natural and vampires are not. But I tend to think that most things are nature. Like, iPods are nature. I think this focus on defining nature to be certain things is just as silly and dumb and destructive as not being mindful of the way we use nature, because either way you make it about you. It's prideful. I think it's safer, spiritually and mentally, to deal with what you've got. You don't have to overcorrect and get silly about it, just be aware of the reality of what is going on, right here in 2012. Penicillin and the internet are both gifts from God. You shouldn't worry so much. It'll give you cancer, same as an iPod factory.

Vampires are part of nature because they are part of nature. You know what I mean? They're right there, look at them. And the Sanguinists are like, they can't handle that either, so they have to be the best thing in nature. Godric vs. Lilith, then, is in this way kind of like Christian Scientist vs. Baptist. Total noninterference vs. Total dominion.

But who does any of that really feed?

And how is that when we ask that question, it always comes down to Eric? All season long, he's been this moral swing vote about this stuff, and it's because of Godric. It breaks my heart to think about the situation being reversed, if Bill stayed the Boy Scout and Eric was the convert, because I know if that happened the first thing I'd think would be, "Call on Godric." Does that make sense?


Sam holds Sam on the couch and they cry. Sam is dying, and Sam doesn't believe she's dying, so he just holds Sam closer and says Sam things to him.

Sam: "You called me a psycho last week, when Sookie came to visit."
Sam: "It's just a word. I didn't mean it. I love you, Sam!"
Sam: "I love you too, Sam. I guess I'm a hothead."

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