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Lilith Wants Me To Eat A Baby

Sam: "Sam, we have that in common."
Sam: "We have a lot in common, Sam."
Sam: "I love you, baby. And you are incredibly handsome."
Sam: "You too. That was funny! But it also gave me an idea."

Too late, Sam dies. Poor Sam.

Poor us, though. Mostly poor us. That was about to get awesome.


Pam: "Tara, we need to talk about your attitude."
Tara: "I'm going to stall while I make this guy a margarita."

Pam glamours the guy to just drink a flat beer somebody left on the bar, and drags Tara down into the dungeon where Eric threw that guy's leg at Lafayette that time, when Pam was dyeing his hair. Also where everybody fucks everybody all the time. Tied up on that very torture post, now, is Tracy from high school! Cryin' and a-shiverin'. And as uncomfortable as I am with all this -- in the midst of the Sanguinist, Ayn Rand stuff -- it occurs to me that a callback to the first seasons is actually appropriate: Pam and Eric haven't shied away from this shit before, it's just that we were never on their side when they did. We were down in the basement with the humans when those things happened. Which makes this smarter and also easier to swallow, this bit: It's nothing new.

Pam: "This is yours. After the shit she was slinging, she owes you."
Tara: "Thought you were mad..."
Pam, verbatim: "You don't know me that well. My mad face and my happy face are the same."

To Tracy: "You are worthless. Your only purpose is to serve Tara Thornton. You will worship Tara. Everything about her is a revelation. You exist only for Tara's nourishment. You will consider it a privilege to let your racist peckerwood blood shoot into her gorgeous cocoa mouth. You are an unpaid food whore. A slave. And Tara is your master."

Tracy begs and is gross in many ways, and Pam leaves Tara to it. What with Bill resisting and finally eating that stripper, though, it's interesting. I still feel like I haven't fully thought this one through, because the episode was so dumb in so many ways, but there's something here. Something about power, and getting permission to do things you already wanted to do... Jason talks Sookie into staying a faerie, and she turns into a vampire. Bill recalls his daughter, and it makes him a Sanguinist. Tara falls under the spell of the bullying hierarchy and it threatens to turn her back into a snivel-bitch, so Pam gives her enough rope? Something about glamouring, something about control. Not sure I see it yet. Is it better that Pam glamoured Tracy, instead of just slapping a hand over her mouth? She was tied up when Tara got there, but now she just wants to be food. It delights her, she delights in it. Is that how Godric's line splits the difference?

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