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Lilith Wants Me To Eat A Baby

Stripper: "What? That doesn't even make sense!"
Salome: "I mean, we weren't going to go back to Tru Blood after this. Come on. Yeah, we all did it because we were on drugs, but think of it more as a gateway, literally. You know, like how this whole show is about repression and abandon? We broke ourselves. On God."
Bill: "Ah will not be bullied! Understand this. Ah have fathered children. Ah cannot take this woman away from her daughter..."
Stripper: "-- Destineé!"
Bill: "Ah thank you. Ah cannot deprive sweet Destineé of her mother's company."
Salome: "If you really loved your human children, why didn't you make them vampyr? Keep them with you forever, in vampyr form?"


Oh, Jesus.

Old-Timey Nurse: "Miss Sarah, a weirdo is here."
Sarah, who is Old: "Fatha?"
Bill: "Mah angel."
Sarah, Plain & Old-Timey: "Am Ah in Heaven?"
Bill: "No, mah child. Heaven's golden fields, Ah fear, Ah shall never see."
Sarah: "Then how come you look like that? All pasty and young?"
Bill: "Ah... Appear to you as Ah did when you were a child?"
Sarah: "Okay wait so you're not an angel, and you're not a ghost because that lady showed you in here... What the fuck is going on?"
Bill: "Perhaps Ah have already told you too much."
Sarah: "Uh, just explain this shit and we won't have a problem."
Bill: "Ah thank Ah should take mah leave..."

Sarah: "No, you motherfucker! Is this some kind of... Can you make me immortal?"
Bill: "Ah could, indeed. It would be rather easy. But Ah shall not do that. Ah just came to watch you die, knowing that Ah could keep you from dying. And make sure that you know it."
Sarah: "...That is kind of a clown deal, bro. You really didn't think this out, huh?"
Bill: "Ah confess, Ah did not. But do you not see the tears pouring down my cheeks, child? It is very hard on my tender heart, to pull this shit on you."

Sarah: "Just ... do whatever you're gonna do, okay? You're being a real dick."
Bill: "It is mah main thing, Sarah."




Salome: "God chose us to make in His true likeness to transcend childish human notions of morality!"

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