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Lilith Wants Me To Eat A Baby

Eric, baby? Get the fuck out. Don't grab your stuff, don't even talk to Molly, just get the hell up out of there, because you've been boxed out in a major way. You already know. Freakin' dead people told you to get out of there. And you know once Bill Compton goes dark, everything goes to hell for at least an episode or two.

Here's what you do, just go find Sookie and Pam. One of them will know what to do, and the other one will fuck things up so bad you might actually have a shot in all the ensuing chaos.

Oh but wait, they did all that Releasing and Glamouring on everybody before they came here, huh? So really, he's truly all alone. Poor little Northman, I didn't think of that. And Alcide, who is like his only other buddy, is too busy reveling in the grossness that is weredom. Nora's a disaster, Queen Sophie-Anne's dead, Russell's probably got something up his sleeve but is still in Talbot mode regardless of whatever other things he's got going on -- plus he is bananas and a huge hassle -- so what else. Consider your imperative and your resources. What are they? Molly? She's still cool. Oh! Seduce Steve Newlin? That's all I got. Nine out of ten times I'm already thinking that anyway, so that probably doesn't help. Sorry.


Racists: "Whoo!"
Hoyt: "I'm not sure where we are or how we got here, because it's far from civilization. That's probably going to be important later."

The racists -- there's a long reveal, but whatever -- the racists, of course, have Jess tied up in a back room, against the wall, silvered so tight and haphazardly she can barely move. Rather than beating them all to death and getting her out of there, Hoyt just acts conflicted. Conflicted, motherfucker? All I got, still, is that she glamoured him. And I don't mean that in an eye-for-an-eye way, I mean it like how I always talk about Tara, how killing the Black-Eyed Girl created Maryann, and then Sookie and Bill faery/vampire double-glamoured her, which made her susceptible to becoming Franklin Mott's prisoner, and so on.

Without anything else to work with except for 1) the Tara examples 2) his intense fangbanger turn and 3) Ginger's crazy blank eyes, don't forget about those and how they happened, I have chosen to believe that Jessica glamouring Hoyt, and him finding out about that violation and the nature of it -- love, especially theirs, being such a powerful and spiritual thing -- caused him to swing so far over to the other side of that that he feels a thing for her that is the magical opposite of their magical love, a word we don't have a word for, like, not just hate, but something metaphysical, like this noxious Lovecraftian outcropping on his literal soul, and that's why he's driven to join these less-enlightened people in his retrograde journey. I don't know, it really does make sense to me in this universe, so even if it's just retcon plaster to make more sense of this awful, ugly, sad story, I can still roll with that.

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