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Lilith Wants Me To Eat A Baby

That's more sustained thinking about Sam Merlotte than I have done in five years. And got nowhere. Moral of the story?


It's kind of cute, Claude walking down to the gully under the bridge holding Sookie's hand, while behind them Jason follows up with a girl-fae (Claudrina -- "Ol' Ceiling Eyes," as she's known in the faerie community -- and Claudstina, a former Manson Girl) holding each of his. Sometimes it's just nice to hold hands, when you're hiking with cousins.

Claude: "So Sookie, there is absolutely no guarantee that what we're about to try will work."
Stacks: "What are we about to try?"
Claude: "Everything is made of energy. Albert Einstein..."
Claudrina: "-- Who was a halfling just like you, Sookie..."

Ugh. No. I can't do it. I can't possibly be expected to deal with that. Anyway, they all hold hands in a circle so that Sookie can vibe the vibes of a murder and/or have racist anti-vampire memories implanted by the sketchy faeries. Speaking of:

Claude: "And since your strongest connection is with your mother..."

On which I have to call bullshit. One of the proofs -- besides Bill's Big Book O' Genes -- that the faerie line came down through Corbett from Adele's infidelity was that Michelle kind of hated them, because she was obsessed with Corbett and they were beside the point, because he was half-faerie. That's the show, not the book (right?). And even if, we have never seen her mother, in all these flashbacks, once even look Sookie in the eye. It was a major Adele thing, actually, that whole deal of how Gran was the maternal energy for both Sookie and Tara because their moms were crazy and/or bitches. But I guess since Jason's whole obsession with this relates entirely to their father, we have to do it this way or else it sends off into meanings that don't signify. I don't know, I just think there should be a better way.


Michelle's perfume, and then that night. It was rainy. And they were driving on the bridge, right, and then V For Vendetta was standing there, and the car stopped, and both Corbett and Michelle seemed to know what he was or what was happening, and I guess the kids were asleep in the very back or something, because they're not in the backseat? This whole thing, very confusing. Michelle's not fae, Corbett's like Jason I think and doesn't smell like a faerie, but so anyway this vampire eats them, and then finds the Band-Aid in the backseat...

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