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Jessica and Jason lay down in an open grave for a while until the SWAT guys get bored, and then they kill them. It's fun!

Jessica: "That was some good teamwork! Anyway, sorry about pretending to kill you. But I want it on the record that if I had to kill somebody, it would be you, because I think you're tops!"
Jason: "I don't really have it in me right now to find that romantic."
Jessica: "Oh, I forgot to explain any of what just happened. My bad! So King Russell and Reverend Steve are looking for faeries to eat. And then over at the Compound, Bill and Eric have quote gone crazy on vampire religion, so there's nobody to save her, because she's just a woman."
Jason: "Okay, thanks for telling me the actual relevant part. Later."
Jessica: "That really could have gone better."


Tara and Ginger -- screaming the whole time, presumably -- have cleaned up all of Elijah, even unto using a toothbrush for the cracks and crevices.

Pam: "Oh my God, Tara. You really Tara'd the shit out of this situation. A dead Sherriff's going right up the chain to the Authority."
Tara: "What do you mean? What is a Sherriff or an Authority or anything whatsoever?"
Pam: "It's our government and church combined. The church runs the government."
Tara: "Like the Vatican?"
Pam: "More like the G8 crossed with the Tea Party."
Tara: "Let's not turn this rape into a referendum on my personhood, Paul Ryan."
Pam: "Think of this situation, come November."

As if Tara was ever going to shut up, ever, Pam commands her as Maker not to ever speak of this again. What's interesting, what continues to be interesting, is that it's stopped being funny when she does this: They're both horrified, and it brings tears to their eyes, but really this just illustrates how intense the situation is. Pam just ran out of options to shut her up, so she pulled Maker rank because Tara has no idea what she's done.

As much as I've loved Tara's storyline this year, though, I do have to say that I hate more than the White Lady power stuff with Pam the fact that Tara has not only become what she hates, but she literally became what she hated. She's completely wiped out the moral compass that made this interesting, because she's just a monster doing monster things. I know that bitchy chick Pam gave her deserved a slap or two, but compelling her to be Tara's slave? Imagine if they'd duct-taped a bouquet in her hands, or tied her to a toilet in a wedding dress. The weird implication that things are so equitable in our country in 2012 that it's funny to joke about slavery, or reduce formerly nuanced gay characters into cartoonish faggy '90s punchlines, or ever imply that a black woman who's survived sexual assault, given enough power, would become a slaver and rapist in her own right...

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