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There is no better barometer for privilege than to say "yes, yes" about bigotry, as though simply acknowledging that you're being a bigot means you aren't one. I don't like who this appeals to, whether it's the rape joke our news cycle has become, or the dastardly metaphor here, or any of it. When you're the one on top, you're not allowed to say what's a problem, because you have literally no reason to know for sure. Of course you think everything's fine, it's your privilege to do so. There's a difference between problematizing and being part of the problem, and Tara's been on this particular trajectory since the night she met Marnie, and I just honestly don't think it really works.

Jessica: "Pam, I need you to hide me."
Pam: "No, get out. I already have 99 problems."
Tara, silently: "Sorry, I'm already in the doghouse. I can't help you."
Jessica: "I saw Eric, I know where he is."
Pam: "I'm going to throw you around for a while just for even trying to bargain, but act desperate and adorable enough and eventually I'll accept your terms."
Jessica: "That's firmly in my wheelhouse."


Eric and Nora kill their SWAT guys, escaping into the Louisiana night. It's all very romantic, as -- to the classical, sacred music on the radio of the abandoned Vampscalade-- she drops her Authority necklace and they, regrettably, take to the sky. I can't say I've warmed to Nora, but I can't say I've ever liked her more, either, than in this episode. Maybe that one time she leaned so far back, I loved that. I love conviction -- Antonia was way better than Marnie times a million; Maryann is still the greatest character ever; even Daphne was cooler than Luna -- even when it's super wrong.

There's just so much about the way the Lilith blood is affecting everybody, though, and I feel like it's still intentionally impenetrable in some fashion, because we can't know the endgame with Bill yet -- which means Nora's constant switching-of-sides is less interesting than what's going on with either of the Boys, because it still keeps coming off as just arbitrary so far. If you're going to throw a girl in there, she'd better be more than just cardboard -- I mean, did Eric just fuck the Lilith right out of her? No way to know -- and I honestly think when you look at it that way, this actress deserves a solid round of applause for making Nora seem like a person at all.

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