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Song Of The Dead Faerie

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Lilith Flair


Luna: "Where are we?"
Sam: "I guess the Authority?"
Luna: "When we're mice, do we just not pay attention to anything?"


Faeries: "Okay, the first thing you should know is that this bitch is crazy."
Sookie: "Crazy how?"
Faeries: "Like, Farscape crazy. Full-on Carl Jung Invisibles crazy. She's everywhere and nowhere and all times are the same to her. It's in some ways the most ambitiously science fictional thing that has ever happened on the show. Everyone on earth will hate it, except Jacob who wishes this show was like this all the time."

The Elder, who is played by an actress that I really like -- most recently, the only story arc I've ever managed to make it through of that show Nikita was all about her -- and what she is doing is dancing. That's what it looks like, but we're in a Faerielande so that's only what it looks like. But this show doesn't seem to reward close reading the way it used to, so how it looks is what we're stuck with.

Elder: "Ke$ha. For or against?"
Ke$ha: "What if we're the aliens?"
Elder: "Anyway, Johnny Stackhouse. Yes, I did know him. He was a landowner. Very handsome. Bit of a creep, no offense."
Sookie: "Yeah, I figured that out when he wrote a contract in his own blood selling me to a giant ghost vampire head in the bathroom."
Elder: "How about this? I won't tell you about Warlow because it's 'forbidden' to talk about, but I can tell you that quote there is a reason that you find vampires irresistible, a reason that you slut your heart out to every cute guy out there with fangs. You, me, this and Warlow, our destinies are entwined."
Sookie: "What is even going on with this show at this point?"
Elder, verbatim: "A dark time is coming. You will be tested. Hold on to your light. As long as we fairies control our light, we will be free."
Sookie: "This is sounding dangerously close to Season Eight. I won't fucking have that nonsense. Now tell me what to do about vampire ghost heads!"
Elder: "Sorry, I just have a lot going on."

It's okay. You're still my favorite thing that has ever happened on this show, or most shows.

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