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Dead Queenie Dead
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Outside MoonGoddess, the daughters have had it.

Pam: "I have become an obnoxious one-liner machine!"
Jessica, verbatim: "I am so sick of silvering myself all day every day! I'm pissed off all the time! This is what PMS used to feel like!"
Bill: "Allow me to provide you all with some exposition about how those witches are stuck in there with Antonia Gavilán de Logroño."
Pam: "Everything I say is a catchphrase!"

Sookie: "So on the one hand, my boyfriends are here to blow us up, like I kept telling everybody last week. But on the downside, you witches are dorks on a level I didn't even know existed. I, who dated Bill Compton, am judging you for dorkiness."
Roy: "It's true! I am the worst!"
Marnie: "If this is what it's like having friends, well, I love it. Nobody leaves!"

Some Witch: "Hey, I am out of here. I would rather get eaten by vampires than spend one more second in here smelling this kitty litter place."
Marnie: "If you want to go, you can totally leave whenever you want."
Witch: "That's very reasonable of you. I am going to go home and take a nap."
Marnie: "Just kidding!"
(She stabs her with telepathy, and a knife.)
Marnie: "You guys all saw how that was self-defense, right?"
Everybody Except Roy: "You are fucking exhausting."

Antonia: "All right. I have had enough."
Lafayette: "I have medium powers now, so I am going to explain this scene to you guys as it is happening. If that sounds cutesy and tedious and unnecessary, that's because it is."

Antonia: "Marnie, you have gone crazy. Perhaps there were some hints we all missed."
Marnie: "I'm sorry I killed that witch a second ago, but I have lost my marbles!"
Lafayette: "There is a ghost bitch and they are having a hooker talk about bitch hooker things."
Antonia: "That's why I'm leaving. Remember the last ten times I broke up with you because you're corrupt and selfish and using this whole deal for your own warped pathetic agenda? Those same things."
Lafayette: "That ghost bitch just remembered for the eleventh time that the old hooker sucks."
Marnie: "But what will that entail? Because they've made such a hash of our relationship, your intentions, which one of us is more powerful and why I even need you, that literally anything could happen?"
Lafayette: "The old bitch is talking about how little sense this storyline makes."
Antonia: "What are you going to do, telepathically stab me?"
Lafayette: "Now that ghost hooker is a bitch hooker bitch bitch."
Marnie: "Well maybe all of a sudden I will barf you in reverse and then you can't leave my body. I'm repossessing you!"
Lafayette: "That hooker done puked the bitch back into herself."
Jesus: "That means something magical."

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