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Dead Queenie Dead

Bill & Eric: "You have killed your last vampire. Let Sookie go. Not her friends or Tara, just Sookie. You may not have seen this show before and thus be confused about what we meant."
Marnie: "Oh yeah? What do I get?"
Bill & Eric: "Anything you want."
Marnie: "How about you guys both commit suicide!"
Bill & Eric: "That sounds cool."
Marnie: "Haha, that was just a little joke. Of course you wouldn't... Wait, what?"

Daughters: "The fuck you say?"
Bill & Eric: "Yeah, and that's not even the stupidest thing that's going to happen in this episode."
Marnie: "Okay cool, I will totally let Sookie go if the other two main characters on this show -- who were willing to blow this place up before Jason yelled at them a minute ago -- decide to just up and kill themselves for no reason."

Pam: "Uh, no."

She fires a bazooka at the Emporium. It blows up and everybody dies. Just kidding, nothing actually happens except Marnie is validated that you can't negotiate, and Eric tells Pam to go to hell. The only two things that were ever going to happen there -- but still not really an error, because what the fuck were they even thinking with this suicide plotpoint? It's rare that the show is outright confounding.


Luna: "Emma, thank you for solving your own kidnapping! Where is your dad?"
Emma: "Upstairs with the most unsettling person I have ever seen besides my dad."

Marcus: "Hey, Sam. Please don't shoot me with that gun."
Sam: "I am still mad about my brother getting murdered."
Marcus: "I am still insensitive about that."

Alcide: "My wife! In bed, in her underwear, with the guy she's been flirting with right in front of me! But what could it all mean?"


Marnie: "See, they totally tried to blow us up."
Roy: "I like the part where that one ally of ours got fried like a bug zapper. One person's quisling is another person cardboard-thin characterization."

Jesus: "Lafayette. The demon face might come out, and I might do terribly dark things because of the darkness in my soul."
Lafayette: "Like what?"
Jesus: "It's entirely possible that I will tell you to shut up. But like in a really scary, darknessy way. I might also breathe fire from my demon face."
Lafayette: "Hooker, that doesn't bother this bitch."

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