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Bill and Sookie arrive at the Stackhouse house, some awkward and short but not short enough time after their experience with the cop last week. There's Tuvan throat singing accompanying the first shot, which is a creepy kind of haunted thing, which will make sense by the end. They sit in the car for awhile before Bill starts justifying himself. Which he can't really do, because the truth is too deep and touches on too many icky things about power and powerlessness, so he just sounds like a rationalizing rationalizer: "We've had a difficult relationship with law enforcement for many years. The man provoked me! I could've done much worse." Sookie points out that that's hardly comforting, and floats the idea that Bill would've just killed him he she wasn't around. Bill is offended, like, why would she even go there -- him being a centuries-old killer and all -- but can't deny that even if he didn't kill the cop, he would have fed on him, probably, a little bit.

"See, that's just crazy! You would've fed on him, then tossed him aside like an old chicken bone!" And you wouldn't even have called the next day! Bill superzooms around the car and opens her door for her, giving her a little tiny wiggins, and Bill repeats his mantra from last week, that he's trying to mainstream. "Suckin' the blood from a police officer is not mainstreaming! Neither is hosting orgies! Or listening to crazy Chinese gargling!" Bill explains about the Tuvan throat singing, which Sookie doesn't even bother to think about before blowing it off; it's cool because overtone singing is all about weird things you didn't think the human body, or at least your human body, was capable of doing, and now there's Bill who has a vested interest in what mysteries the human body is still capable of manifesting and Sookie who has a vested interest in disinterest at this moment as far as learning new things. "Tuvan? I don't even know where that is."

Bill calls to her, whining that it's a terrible thing to be frightened of "everything you don't know in this world," and Sookie replies that her world, such as it is, is opening up "mighty fast," and though it's boring, it's safe. Which, between the creepy orgies at Bill's house and the creepy orgies at Eric's bar, "sounds pretty good about now." She tells him to fuck off and stop helping, basically, that she can get to the door herself, and all of a sudden he's all, "I won't call on you again." That's all it took! The scene feels like it's longer, but it's not: she just tells him that being threatened with death a billion times, watching creepy people have creepy sex all over the place, and then having Bill act like a total fucking freak: that's the line. He gets back in the car to leave, and the music goes all insane! Because that stupid dog! Is watching Sookie fish for her keys in her purse!

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