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Jason looks at Tara, working behind the bar, and she turns into an actual Tarot card, pouring water into the river, day-glo green leaves plaited into her hair and a manic grin plastered on her goddess's face. The Beloved, the Star. He stands up to get the next pitcher, still completely high and weird and giggly: "Yup, I'll get it. I love you guys." Hoyt's pleased, then does a double-take. I wish Jason were like this all the time but I don't want him to get stuck here either. I think I might love Jason the most, you guys. That's really weird. I know that I identify with and love his storyline the most, because it's about all the shit I'm coincidentally into, such as hard drugs and filthy sex, but also: the true things that come up when you are intoxicated, the increased Jason-ness of Jason, is wonderful. He wants to make you happy, and he almost has a plan about how to do that, like... Jason Stackhouse would fuck the entire world if he could, like as a favor, to make us smile. And that is a beautiful thing. He's like the Fucker in the Rye, in that respect. When I was saying that he brought Dawn flowers and a boner it was kind of a joke, but I don't think that anymore. I think he was actually bringing her flowers and his dick, and that was his apology. I mean, he's dumb as hell but he is good, and I really just think good is more important than smart. I think smart is way overrated most of the time.

When he touches Tara's arm, he jumps. "Whoa! You feel that? Every hair on your arm is shooting sparks into my hand!" The only reason Jason wants to fuck the world is that he can't handle the tragedy of acknowledging that nobody ever really knows anybody else; that his sister's the only person that can truly come into your body and be one with you, on the other side of the skin; inside his skin, where he is trapped. Where he is lonely, and alone, forever. It's not your skin he wants, but the sparks on the other side of it, and sex is the closest and the furthest thing from this. It's why he got carried away with Maudette, why it gets rough sometimes: spread yourself as thin across the body of a person as you want, you're still not getting in there. You still can't touch the sparks. And to a beast like him, or Sam, that's got to be the saddest thing, because it's not like he can intellectualize it, or get inside people that way, with a brain. "You know those electric fences they use to pen horses? It feels like I just pissed on one!"

Tara's like "Jesus H! Seriously?" Jason swears he's not high, immediately admits that he's super fucking high on drugs, but that doesn't have anything to do with whether his feelings are legitimate or real. "For the first time, I can see clear. All these years, I was blinded by the bullshit that keeps people apart. It's you, Tara. It's been you all along." She's like, um, I have known you since I was six. WTF are you talking about? How cruel can you possibly be, to tell me this now? When does the sad part come? How are you going to disappoint me this time? How does my world get bigger this time? Why take off the training wheels, when all I wanted was for you to stay inaccessible?

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