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"It's taken me all this time to admit it. Come here," he says, leaning in. She grins easily, conspiratorially, like she's known him since she was six. "This bar might be filled with beautiful women, but you're the one who took care of me when I needed it. You showed me love, Tara. And that's the most beautiful thing of all." Oh, Jason. His empty eyes are like an overbred hound, glassy and unfocused and very, very excited and pleased about nothing in particular. It's so fucked up when he does that, it freaks me out every time. And he's doing it all the time. Tara tells him to come back when he's sober, and they can discuss it for real. He gets all palm to palm is holy palmer's kiss on her, folding his fingers through hers, breathing softly, adoring her with those empty, borderline-retarded eyes. She's like, "For fucking real?" He kisses her fingers. "Just give me a chance, I'll prove it to you. Everything I'm feeling..." He breathes, deep. His immune system is gone. "...I want to feel it with you. One chance. That's all I'm asking." Her mouth forms the beginnings of words but she doesn't successfully complete the mission; she pulls her fingers out from his and wanders away, shell-shocked.

Also romantic: eating pie with Sam Merlotte at a restaurant, after coffee. She offers him the last bite, and he cuts it in half. He starts in about her powers again, all, "Guess you saw this comin'," and "Do you ever listen to my thoughts like I keep telling you to do?" She admits that she's done it. "...To be honest, it's a little weird. You don't think the way others do. Most people, it's whole sentences or images. With you, sometimes there's words? But other times, I just get these sounds, like, waves of emotions." And sometimes it's just like, "Snausages! Snausages! Snausages! SnausagesSnausagesSnausagesSnausages!"

Sam tries to play it off about how maybe he's just a freak, and she says what's freaky is how mysterious he is, which he finds flattering. "How come nobody knows anything about you? I never hear you talk about where you're from, or your family, or anything." He explains that the people who raised him have little or nothing to do with who he is now, not to mention that he basically raised himself. We call that Raised By Wolves in my circle, because a lot of us grew up that way, but it seems particularly appropriate for this circumstance I think. "Is that why you spend so much time alone?" Sam explains how that's probably more due to his general hatred of people. Sookie laughs that he certainly chose a strange business to buy if he hates people that bad, and he says he was really just looking to meet pretty waitresses. She laughs, adorably: "...Too bad you got yourself a couple of crazy ones in the bargain!"

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