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"Aw, just like Dawn had a future? Like Maudette Pickens had a future?" Dawn, fucking her way towards death, across the wilderness; Maudette fucking in the garbage. She points out that Bill didn't kill those ladies, but that's not the point he's making. As we all know, women who enjoy sex with vampires deserve death, and secretly want it. He backs her up, against the car, voice harsh and breath hot. "There's nothing that I will not do to keep that thing from hurting you. They're not like us. They could turn on you." Sookie, getting scared, points out that "people" can, too: "You're doing pretty good right now." That's what it looks like, now, from this angle, with the pieces missing. I don't know the whole story, and neither does Sookie. These are the parts of Sam we don't know yet, this is what it looks like across the wilderness from me to you: alien, angry, frightening, inhuman, irrational. He realizes he's being a creep/freak but doesn't apologizes, just offers to take her home and end the date. She shoves past him back into the restaurant to call a cab, and the anger rises up again, throwing sparks.

Randi Sue ... ugh, she's just so fucking tragic and unpleasant. Anyway, she dances drunkenly, and Hoyt wanders up grinning and lost, doing a weird little dance-like movement that involves pretending to ride a horse with a hat on, and she's like, "Watcha doin', baby?" I'm curious about that as well, to be frank. "You know, keeping it real. Partyin'." White people actually are kind of an elaborate prank, aren't they? Randi Sue is celebrating her divorce, which is now final; her high-five is so vigorous that it hurts his hand. Aww, Hoyt! I will high-five you tenderly! It won't ever hurt! He gives her this great look, like, "You are so fucking wasted, awesome," and she says her ex was a jerk. "He shot my car," she says, as though that explains it all. It ... really does, though.

She backs her nasty self into his crotch and, across the bar, Jason Stackhouse is all fucked up on drugs; he and Rene watch Randi's antics together, amazed at how totally grody she is. "It's like watching Animal Planet, yeah? Any second, she gonna bite his head off, I swear." Jason believes him for a second, because here, in this place right now, all anybody's thinking about is sex, sex, sex. Love, love, love. Two things held apart like magnets until today, when the world got big enough to contain them both. It's like watching Animal Planet; it's always been like watching Animal Planet. Jason watching Jason fuck the animal planet. But today he climbed through the glass; he's on safari, for the first time: part of all nature, because nature is all we have. Or probably he's still fucked up on drugs. Hoyt comes back to them eventually, across the wilderness and back to his people: he didn't feel it. "That spark," he didn't feel it with Randi Sue. He thought he did, but that was a tiny little love bite from one of her pubic lice. They drink blood.

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