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Tara brings Hoyt his TruBlood, no refunds, warmed to the usual 98.6, and giggles at how gross the next few minutes of his life are going to be. She glances down at Jason, who is still not home even though the lights are on, and walks away. Hoyt is totally grossed out by his TruBlood, obviously, and Rene's like, "It tastes. Like. Blood. That is the point." Hoyt whines that he thought it would be awesomer. "I thought it was supposed to be some sort of life force, or something..." And Jason, dancing to the rhythms of the spheres, jumpy and wild and beautiful, explains sagely while staring into space: "Aw, TruBlood don't do nothing. The real life force is V." Rene explains V to Hoyt, and Jason dances himself into a flirty little chair-dancing frenzy: "All our blood belongs to the universe. They take some from us, we take a little from them." Rene prefers to say no to drugs. Drugs and doilies: non, merci. Jason doesn't drop it, though: "It might give you the will to seal the deal with that girl," he says, raising and cocking his finger-guns, "Only thing holding you back is you." Hoyt sends some finger-guns back Jason's way, and they all toast to how Hoyt is just being a pussy because clearly Randi Sue is a whore. He kisses the bottom of his TruBlood bottle as a tribute to her, sending the toast her way, and she's full-on creeped out. Randi Sue, you have no fucking room to talk. They all laugh anyway.

Bill stood across the field from the old Compton place, and saw his family on the porch, waiting for him to come home. Waiting for him to cross back over that last bit of wilderness, to welcome him in again. His son spotted him, in the darkness, and when his mother asked what he saw, the boy said just one word. "Papa."

He is his own descendent, basically, because he never dies, which is why the second we get vampires we really need to look at the estate tax, and this is and was his house, I think: Not ancestral, but literal. He is the Glorious Dead. This wasn't about reclaiming his roots, it's about reclaiming the parts of himself that are still human, and seeing if the ghosts are gone. Sad.

Bud and Andy surprise him, standing there, remembering his family and a remarkable photograph; he invites them in immediately. Into his home. Inside, he stokes the fire even though it's totally hot outside and he himself is room temperature, so that when he leaves to get Andy Bellefleur a Fresca, which sounds so good right now I could cry, they can look at the sharp and dangerous looking implement near the hearth, which he informs them is not a weapon but an olde-tyme device for toasting bread. They discuss Maudette and Dawn, neither whom he knew, and Bud asks if he knew that they'd both had sex with vampires at some point. "I was not. But it's more common than you would think," he says, and they are weirded out, because he fully intended to weird them out, because he's serious about hating cops.

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