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Driver's Ed

Finally and for the first time Jason Stackhouse understands what sex really is: the secret, the way they are getting inside you the same time you're inside them, the way the sparks fly up and meet and burn. Eden, the home we're all looking for: it's right here, all around you, in the bodies and the garbage, in the beauty of knowing that it's all love, and that you're an essential part of it. Finally and for the first time Jason Stackhouse feels loved, and less alone inside his skin. He is a child of God.

He is all fucked up on drugs.

Sookie pulls up to her house in a cab and goes inside, taking off her sandals on the porch before entering on bare feet. Her feet slip as she reaches for the light switch, and Tina gives a plaintive yowl as Sookie looks down, sees the puddle she's standing in, and follows the blood to its source: Adele Stackhouse's body.

The world gets bigger.

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