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Lafayette lays out paper towel blotter squares on the coffee table, and explains the workings of the universe. You could call them mysteries, or secrets, but they're neither. "This is the life force of a vampire. They're just blood in a skin casing, ain't a whole lot different between a vampire and a boudin sausage, except for the blood. Our blood sustains life. This blood is life." He's hypnotic, poetic, frighteningly into it. It doesn't seem like patter. "One drop, that's all you need. Can't be greedy. Billions of molecules of pure, undiluted, twenty four-karat life. You take this in, and you take in a piece of the vampire it came from. Trick is, you have to let it take you deep." Jason stares, mouth open as Lafayette sniffs the dropper and squeezes drops onto the squares; he nods. Ordinarily phrases like "life force" are a little tricky, but there's honestly no better phrase: it's the difference between a dead body, without passions or hungers or pains or fears, and a very much animated body, full of them all. And we, who are already alive?

Lafayette pops a drop into his mouth, and Jason's eyes go wide, like a little kid. Lafayette savors it, closing his eyes, and Jason asks what kind of vampire it is; what the qualities of the vampire are. Lafayette's eyes are hard to open. "He's new. So the blood is still a little wild? I can feel him in my muscles, making me strong..." Lafayette dances, waving softly back and forth in the wind, across the table; Jason stares, grinning. Everything is sex if you look at it right. "But you might get another side of him. The same V could affect you in a whole other way..." his breathing is labored as it comes on. "But I guarantee you'll see the world with new eyes." He slides a square across the glass, and Jason hesitates just a moment before placing it on his tongue. Jason can't believe he's doing it again, after the whole johnson-draining issue last night, but this is a different day. The sun came up on a different world today. A bigger world, and a more intimate one: This isn't a sale, it's not a pitch or a demo. Lafayette does things in a particular way, with a particular stance and a particular voice and a way of doing things; he keeps the vials in the refrigerator and demands cash up front. His personal stash, Lafayette's V, that he's sharing with a friend? This isn't a drug deal, it's communion. "Oh no, man. You're doing it for the first time."

Sookie spills ketchup on her hand at work and Arlene cracks a joke about Bill "getting a rise" out of seeing it on her skin; Sookie's response tells her all she needs to know. "Vamp club not all it was made out to be, huh? A lot of freaks, I hear. And people from Arkansas." Heh. She starts to get all defensive about Bill possibly getting "all handsy" with Sookie, but she reminds her friend she can take care of herself. "And no," she tells Arlene and the suddenly very attentive Sam Merlotte, "I won't be goin' out with him again." Arlene and Sam share a glance, and Sookie admits that Fangtasia -- which, I really appreciate the lengths everybody's going to in order to avoid saying the word out loud, because that's the kind of shit you can write in a book but hell to say out loud -- was "kinda freaky." But, she points out, the world is getting bigger. "How are you ever gonna know until you go see for yourself?" Sam avoids the issue, and Arlene sweetly says, "I'm sorry it didn't turn out like you'd hoped, but ... Better it happens now than before you end up hurt, or dead." That's like the most reasonable I think Arlene has ever been.

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