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Sookie stares at her as she goes, and -- because she is no longer dating the vampire and who knows when they're going to hook back up, so he better take his chance -- Sam comes over and asks her out while everybody's watching: Descendants of the Glorious Dead meeting tonight, and then coffee after. Needless to say, he is adorable and nervous and more than a little intense while the transaction is going down, and then because it must happen in every episode, Sookie notices everybody staring at her and being part of the audience for her big romantic moment of the day. When Sookie points out that everybody's watching -- with fuckin' Andy Bellefleur right there in the middle of the shot -- Sam goes beyond hot into some kind of infrared area: "I know! You better say yes!" There's no way to do anything other than say yes to that. He gets a little taller, and orders everybody's eyes back on their plates, shooting her a shy grin even as he's growling at everybody else. She loves that bit.

Sookie brings Andy one of the ketchup bottles she's just married, and he awkwardly segues to her brother's fake affair with Tara. "Tara who? Tara Tara?" She laughs it off and tells him that there's nothing going on, and he silently gloats. (I knew it. Tara ain't bangin' Stackhouse, bitch lied to me.) Sookie tells him to watch his mouth, metaphorically, and he's shocked into literally telling himself what's going on while it's happening, for our benefit. (I know I didn't say anything, but I did think it! And you heard it! That means it's true, you can hear what people think...) Sookie bounces back to grab some tea for him, and asks Sam where Tara is. He sends her to the ladies', a tiny amount of nervous about what happens next.

When Sookie walks in, Tara immediately asks why she didn't tell her she was going out with Sam. "Because it ... just happened?" She asks how Tara knew, and Tara's deadpan is hilarious as usual: "Arlene. She works fast." I love that, because there's literally no way that any of this could have happened, in the time that it took her to exchange two sentences with Andy, and it's time for this blatant fable to just come out and say so.

Sookie points out that it's not exactly a giant sex date, considering it involves attending a boring lecture about Our Racist Legacy with old people -- with Maxine Fortenberry, for God's sake -- in a church, and asks why she should even be justifying it in the first place. "I'm entitled to know what my girl's up to, ain't I?" Sookie nods and closes the door. "Yeah, about that. Why does Andy Bellefleur think you're seein' my brother?" Tara explains about her alibi/fake affair thing with Jason, and tells Sookie she only did it because they both know he's innocent, both of the crime and generally, and can't be trusted not to talk himself into trouble with the cops. Name me a way that Jason Stackhouse differs substantially from Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26Next

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