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Driver's Ed
">Starbuck, I dare you. With Lafayette for his Leoben, leading him gently by the hand down the rabbit hole of all the scary things he's been forgetting.

Tara gets incredibly shifty and suspicious-acting for no reason, leading Sookie to ask why she's being incredibly shifty and acting so suspicious, but when she tries to read her mind, all she hears is, excellently, "LALALALALALALALALALA." Which is better than "You're going on a date tonight with the same werewolf or whatever the hell he is that I just boned like yesterday, which is sort of creepy," but what makes it hilarious is the dead serious look on Tara's face as she's staring Sookie down, combined with the ridiculous sound of the voiceover. Try to be completely still and deadpan and intimidating while going "LALALALALA," you can't do it. But Sookie's entitled to know what her girl's up to, isn't she? Apparently not. Tara stomps away with a great stomping, all, "not every detail of everyone's personal life is your business!" and ordering Sam to keep Sookie away from her. I calculate that this fight will last three more seconds.

Sookie immediately runs to Andy Bellefleur -- sorry, "Detective" Bellefleur -- to completely change her story and say that in fact she was asserting a mistaken truth before and that she has noticed Jason and Tara "kind of sneakin' around lately," which is such an in-your-face contradiction that Andy's offended by her assumption that he's dumb enough to believe it. (Now she's coverin' for him too? Shit, don't look her in the eye...) Sookie suggests that Andy eat a dick, basically, and at least accuse her of lying "out loud." Which points to a greater flustration because she's flustered enough to exercise prior restraint, like, what makes it an accusation is saying it out loud, which he has not done, but also brings us to a more interesting and subtler place, which is: Sookie Stackhouse just came out.

The world is now sufficiently big enough, and there are things in it alien enough, that her little gift and the ways she can use it are less of a threat. Pretending to be something other than what you are is another kind of training wheel, and getting tired enough of waiting on the world to change around you that you stop worrying about it, stop looking at yourself through the filter of everybody else's eyes, and just be who you are. That's learning to drive. Listen: "Either way, I'm gonna hear you whether you look me in the eye or not." Out loud, like that: today.

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