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She compares the relative scarcity of ideas in his head to mice in a cage, and tells him she's sympathetic to his "grasping at straws" in the murder investigation, but warns him not to drag Jason down with him. Which is... pretty much exactly what the situation called for, because that's exactly what he's doing. I hate Andy Bellefleur for many reasons, but I can't shake this idea that he's so into closing the case and getting applause for solving the problem that he'd be okay with a dubious or wrong suspect, if it came down to it.

Hoyt's handing out programs at the church when his mother Maxine calls his name: she's yanking desperately at the crucifix at the head of the church, on the altar. She doesn't have the software for this yet, and she's doing her best: "Our guest of honor is a vampire. Adele plumb forgot that little fact when she booked the church for tonight. What do you think's gonna happen when he comes out and sees a giant cross?" Nobody knows, but Maxine's looking forward to Bill sizzling up like hybrid breakfast food "fatback bacon," a thing that exists to the same extent that vampires do. Hoyt steps up toward her to help, and is adorable some more: "Quit jerkin' on it!"

Or, okay, how about this. Did you ever think about antihistamines? Like, what they are? Your body is working overtime to protect you, getting all insane and trying to expel everything that comes inside, which results in misery, because your body has stopped being able to tell what's okay and what's worth hating. So you take antihistamines, right, to stop your body from doing its job. But that doesn't mean that being protected is bad, or that your allergic reactions don't serve a function, or that they aren't necessary in other circumstances. Your body knows what it's doing, but that doesn't mean you can't fine-tune it a little more. Teach it to hate more efficiently.

What Adele Stackhouse is trying to do here -- what Lafayette, and Bill, and Sam in his way are trying to do -- is perform an inoculation. A little bit of allergen, so your immune system knows how to deal with it, without overreacting and hurting you more than the thing would. But it doesn't mean you're not careful, it doesn't mean you don't hold onto that kernel of hate and remember and honor it, because the world is never going to be sufficiently large that you'll be entirely safe, no matter how much love you harbor in you for all the things in it. That's like turning off your immune system entirely, and breathing deep. Which is just as lazy and dogmatic as going the other way, and I think what Jason's going to be engaged in doing for the foreseeable future: letting greed drive is just as bad as fear.

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