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A Rookie In Sex Narnia
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Jessica, like a hundred times: "The sun! The sun! A mass of incandescent gas!"
Jason, running to save her: "Jessica!"

He tackles her back inside the castle, but then they remember that she is a vampire and can easily kill him, so they just tussle around in a pile of their blood for awhile. Jessica's face is all burnt and crusty at first, but she sucks enough of his blood to get a little better, but that also means -- we know, but they don't -- that they're totally blood-bonded now.

Meanwhile, the witches chill. Marnie has been floating awesomely while the spell is going on, but eventually she lands back on the floor of MoonGoddess Emporium and hopes that all the vampires are dead. Er. Sadly for her, it didn't work except on that one lady.

Jessica kisses Jason for saving her life, and he's all under the influence of her V and vice versa, so he kisses back, but then they get the electric shock of total guilt and pretend it didn't happen. Bill has been screaming for Jessica this whole time, first because he wanted to be upstairs with her and then, after the spell, because he assumes she is dead and burnt up. She's still feeling a little hung over from getting set on fire, so Jason carries her all around the place like the princess that she is.

Bill: "Jessica, pay no mind to that human security detail you murdered on your way outside. It was not your doing that he perished, but that of the witch Antonia Gavilán de Logroño. His family will be well-compensated for his demise, being the sort of people that would let the head of their household work for Vampire Blackwater in the first place."
Jessica: "He had a daughter! I knew her!"
Bill: "When she grows up, if she still feels raw about it, you'll be waiting."

The three of them discuss how they don't want Jessica to die some more, so Jason chains her back up and it's even worse than last time.

Bill: "Better for a little pain now than to be able to escape again if the necromancer resumes her sorcery."
Jason: "Think good things. Hot summer days, barbecuin'... Uh, no. Um... Good things a vampire would think of. The moon. Never gettin' cold. Tru-Blood?"
Bill: "Not to be ungrateful, but you need to get lost okay?"

Jessica and Bill both adore him for awhile, and it's a really well-acted scene on everybody's behalf, and then they discuss about how Jason is kind of a cop and Jessica just killed a dude, but then Jason also shot one of the other security guys -- in the shoulder -- so they guess they're even. Bill is, as usual, affectionate and a little exasperated by Jason's drama, and then the SWAT guys come in and draw guns on Jason for a second.

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