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A Rookie In Sex Narnia

Fiona Shaw: "Antonia's the most unlikely person to make non-vampires do something against their will, or hold hostages; she seeks only the willing. She only entered Marnie because Marnie begged her to. But Marnie has a deep desire to make her mark on the world, because she's been overlooked. When Antonia infused Marnie, it brought out Marnie's latent powers, and being empowered has had a huge effect on her ego. Her entire deportment changes, because how you carry yourself is all about how you feel about yourself."

Again this idea that it's not an either/or but the usual activist thing of how whittling yourself down to one cause or vengeance makes you a lot more powerful but also means ego-identification with some particular unconscious element that gets control or the upper hand, which will always make you less of a person overall. Like, maybe that sounds harsh, but think about the radical straight-edgers that'll curbstomp a guy for eating pastrami: Something got lost in the translation from Person to Purpose.

Any attempt to describe yourself with a list of words that is less than infinite is doomed to failure: When you think like a hammer everything looks like a nail, obviously, but you also lose all the parts of yourself that are not-hammer, which is the majority of your parts.

Antonia: "Man, I cannot believe the mileage Bill is getting out of this. But mostly I'm pissed that only one old lady vampire died. This is not how it went last time!"
Tara: "Wait, that spell we did was about marching vampires out into the sunlight? That seems questionable."
Antonia: "When your enemy's might so vastly outweighs your own that it's comparably infinite, honorable symmetrical warfare is no longer possible. You must grind your enemy out of existence because there's no other way to do it."
Tara: "I kind of see what you're saying."
Antonia: "[Lots of heart-tugging weasel words and neurolinguistic programming like she's trying to get Tara to vote Republican.]"
Tara: "I have come to the conclusion all by myself that we must destroy all vampires."

Also, though, Antonia's got the power of her convictions: She really does see this as life-against-death, "We must restore the sacred power of creation to this wounded earth," she says, and you can't really argue with that. You have to really leverage this conversation well to have it stay relevant, but they do a good job. Vampires are at the top of the food chain, which means there's no check on their power, and if you can't create a balance than you have to burn it out entirely. I'm not calling a truce with your cancer, I'm going to poison and irradiate it.

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