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A Rookie In Sex Narnia


For real this time, Jessica comes home to Hoyt and breaks up with him again. He does not react the way he did in her dream, which is good for his noggin but bad for watching it if you love Jessica and Hoyt, which of course you do. They play out the fight she erased -- no shortcuts, ever -- and it just gets worse and worse and he's accusing her of all this shit, and she's backpeddling her terminology while sticking to the plan, and then Hoyt just goes bugshit and scary.

"After a year of you lettin' me think that we were happy? ...Goddamn it, you broke my fuckin' heart! This whole time I've been stickin' up for you, I've been gettin' beat up for you, and you know what? You don't deserve me. And I sure as hell don't deserve you. I deserve someone who's not gonna be a fuckin' virgin for all of eternity! I deserve someone I can have a normal life with. With kids, and daylight, and someone who's not gonna look at all the love that I have to offer and just say Sorry, not good enough. And someone who's not fuckin' dead!"

God, that's ugly. That's so realistic. Everything at once. Those fights where you just watch the fight having you; you can see him scaring himself and wishing he could take back every word as it leaves his mouth, and having to wind himself up worse just to stay on top of it. And then the whole time you've got Jessica trying to chill him out and explain the difference between what he's saying and the truth, but kind of acknowledging that it's not factually untrue in any way, and then it gets so bad! He rescinds her invitation and she goes flying out the door like he punched her, lands on the porch crying, and he goes, "My mom was right all along. Maybe God really does hate fangs. And you know? So do I. You fuckin' vampires! Fuck you!"

We knew it would be bad, we've known since their first wonderful date, but damn if that wasn't one of the saddest and most upsetting scenes of the whole series.


Eric's Point: "I'm loyal to my King, and all, but let's get the fuck out of town. That way no matter which way it goes, I don't ever have to be Eric again."
Sookie's Point: "It's not that I'm still in love with Bill, but that's not the right thing to do."
Eric: "Conventional morality is lame."
Sookie: "Oh, now I see the problem with New Eric. You seem to be a vampire."
Eric: "I am a vampire for real. I don't give a shit about anybody but you, and then Bill a distant second."

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