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But why wouldn't she be? To know you are a monster, alone in the world, was bad. Knowing there were vampires out there -- who penetrate because they lose control; who must rein in their natural abilities in order to fit in -- made it better. But this is best. (It's like the whole The Little Mermaid thing: sexist or not? The movie I mean, not the real story: Ariel loved humans and human things before she met her prince, because she felt alone. The prince was a side effect of her loneliness; maybe that's how love always starts, simply by telling us we don't have to be alone.) The idea of vampires -- of the unnatural intersecting comfortably with the world that fears her -- has been a comfort for two years; she's about to meet her people.

"Can you believe it? Right here, in Bon Temps? I've been waiting for this since they came out of the coffin two years ago!" She fairly prances over to him, order slip in hand, as Sam sighs. Sookie tries to take the vamp's order, constantly fading out and smiling hilariously, too excited to say anything at all, shaking her head and fading out again. "Do you have any of that synthetic bottled blood?" She talks around her huge grin, explaining that Sam ordered some a year ago, but then no vampires ever showed, so it went bad. He smiles at her and she leans closer: "You're our first. Vampire," she whispers, in case he thought she meant some other intrinsic quality about him that made him interesting and special and caused her to act all squirrelly. "You're the first person I've met that wore black shoes and a brown belt together. I am going to call my Grandma immediately and tell her."

He asks if it's obvious, and she smiles: "I knew the minute you came in. Can't believe nobody else around here seems to." Except Sam, the vampire notes, but she brushes that off. "He's cool. I know for a fact he supports the Vampire Rights Amendment." Fangster flirts about how progressive of Sam that is, and they look at each other for awhile. He doesn't eat or drink actual things, but orders a glass of red wine, to "have a reason to be here." Sookie giggles that she doesn't care what the reason is, she's just glad he's here. Mack Rattray, from the booth behind him, says not to worry about Sookie: "She's crazy as a bedbug." Sookie shoots his trashy ass a death look and heads out for his wine. Mack drops some seductive fangbanger threesome swinger creepiness into his native creepiness and introduces Denise, who acts all horny and shit. The impassive vampire tells them "Good evenin'" without even turning around.

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