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Sookie arrives at home, her grandmother Adele's house. Flies cover the screens, buzzing in your ear, as she watches through the window. "Guess what happened tonight?" she asks her grandmother, who takes a moment answering. "...You got a date!" Sookie makes a hilarious face -- um, no? -- and gets excited all over again. "A vampire came into the bar." Adele gives a half-hearted but participatory squeal, like she's just heard a story about a mouse that was in the kitchen once, and asks if the vampire had fangs. "Yeah, but most of the time they stayed put away." She asks if he bit anybody, and Sookie says he just ordered wine. "I think he just wanted some company," Sookie says, and Adele seizes on the obvious truth. "Did you like him?" Sookie allows as how he was "...real interesting," and Adele stares her the fuck down. Oh, that grandma look. I miss it. She kisses Adele's cheek -- is her grandma reading a Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire novel by Charlaine Harris? Because that will really give her a leg up -- and heads off to bed, calling Tina, the cat. Adele giggles as the cat runs across the kitchen table, instead of punching it in its little kittycat face like I would. That shit is gross.

Tina purrs as Sookie sleeps; she arises to a breeze at the curtains, and sees him down in the garden, staring up. She pulls on a short, fleecy robe and runs out into the night; she can't feel him anywhere in the yard, and suddenly he's there, behind her. She gasps and whirls, says hello, and he immediately starts to take off his shirt. Not so courtly, but certainly not a problem. "I never thought I would be having sex with you. At least..." She opens her robe slowly, speaking in a dreamy singsong: "Not so fast." Bill asks, "Who said anything about sex?" The fangs come out, and he licks them slowly; she wakes up gasping, smiles at herself, embarrassed, and falls back...

Into a deck chair, in her bathing suit, next morning. Jason drives his truck up and runs over to her, all abuzz: "How come you didn't tell me you beat up the Rattrays last night?" I love that line. She points out they haven't seen each other since then, and tells him to be quiet about the whole Sookie The White Trash Slayer deal -- Gran's hanging laundry out back. "Fortenberry couldn't wait till I got to work this morning to tell me all about it." Hoyt Fortenberry? That's the one (he's the other cute townie type that isn't Rene.) "How the heck does he know?" When Hoyt went to the Rats' last night to buy some weed, and Denise was just driving up all fast and pissed and nutty, and made Hoyt drive Mack to the hospital in Monroe. Sookie finally sits up, because what is more awesome of a morning than finding out you put a motherfucker in the hospital?

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