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The dude finally snaps at her, fed up with waiting on her rude ass. And, of course, she erupts. "Do... Do not snap at me. I have a name. And that name is Tara. And isn't that funny? Black girl being named after a plantation? [He laughs, of course, because that's what white people do in this instance.] No I don't think it's funny at all, in fact, it really pisses me off that my mama was either stupid or just plain mean -- which is why you better be nice if you plan on getting a drink tonight." He apologizes, calling her "ma'am," and they go back to their conversation. Lafayette asks if Sookie knows about Jason yet, but Tara didn't even know yet, so Lafayette pours another shot for the betrayal of confidences and total incoming drama. "Are you serious? Jason couldn't kill anybody. And he can do a hell of a lot better than Maudette Pickens." Lafayette laughs at her and her enduring crush, which she denies, calling him stuck-up. "That boy is sex on a stick," Lafayette says. I don't give a good damn how stuck-up he is." Bubba at the bar shrinks back, and Lafayette stares him down -- which, if you're into these big trucker guys like certain people I myself know, is a pretty good specimen: "How you doin'?" Tara calls him out for -- and she would know -- "scaring that white boy," but Lafayette knows the game even better than she does. "Ain't nobody scaring him, he's too big to be scared. I likes a big man. Look at that belly. Dance all over your ... You can be my Santa Claus." He heads back to the kitchen to fry things, tossing back a hilariously off-the-cuff "I'm in the phone book!" 5:3 it works. Just saying.

In back, Sookie's wigging about the arrest. Lafayette sympathizes quietly -- When are we going to see these two interact? I bet it's awesome/unexpected -- and Sookie gets stuck on how everybody knew but her. Dawn admits that she only knows because she was complaining to Arlene about getting dogged by Stackhouse once again, meaning Arlene knew thanks to Rene. "Besides, we figured you'd just..." Sookie wheels -- the giant mole on my face? -- and they trail off, embarrassed. Dawn asks, if we acknowledge the mole as a given, wouldn't she still just ... psychically know? Thanks to the mole we don't talk about? Sookie, awesomely and literally, runs screaming from the room. "I AM NOT PSYCHIC!"

She runs to the pool table, where Arlene's hanging with Hoyt and Rene; Arlene is frigging drunk as hell and talking in a hilarious loopy weird voice. "I cannot believe I am here on my night off, just pouring my hard-earned money back into Sam Merlotte's pocket!" Sookie interrupts her incipient alcoholism to ask about Jason, and all three of them get hangdog. Rene says -- and this doesn't add to the recap, but I love when he talks -- "Hell. I promised him I wasn't going to tell ya, you." Hoyt explains about the questioning and how suddenly Bud and Andy just threw him in the car. Which, Sookie points out, means they don't even know if he's technically arrested, and Rene acknowledges that he wasn't cuffed. Arlene gets soppy sad on Sookie's behalf -- I think I love Arlene -- but Sookie's like, "Y'all are already acting like Jason's been convicted of killing Maudette. We don't even know what they were talking to him about." Hoyt, sweetly, says that this is because Jason is a "standup guy." Once again, Sookie draws the line between sentiment and actuality: "No, he's not, Hoyt. He is selfish, egotistical, and a complete horndog. But he is not a killer." Hoyt's sad, but she's not listening to him. She's listening to something that suddenly isn't there.

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