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He's there. She turns and they focus entirely on each other. Everyone in the bar, the couple at the table behind them, every single person, stares. Tara slowly shakes her head (Now just look at that, like she's walking down the aisle on her goddamn wedding day, which is what it's like. Sookie honey, just 'cause...) Sam fairly shivers (He's got her in his sights. I need to protect her... Sookie, please do not...) Some scary Jesus lady's lips get all thin (That's that vampire she saved last night...) Bill does something almost like smiling. "Good evening, Miss Stackhouse." An old man gets smaller, in the corner (Ain't right, him being here with normal people. She's going to sit...) Jesus Lady can't take her eyes off it (I always thought she was nice, but I just wonder what kind of a good Christian girl would even look at a vampire...) A biker shivers (I don't think he looks that kind of scary to me...) They blend together, in her mind, getting louder as she nears the silence (Looks like she likes 'em tall dark and dead... Stackhouse family ain't nothing but trash...) He puts out his hand, and she takes it. She closes her eyes, in love with silence. She comes back to herself. That's what love does too.

"Your hand is cool," she says, like it's the deepest thought ever thunk. He looks away. "Yes, uh... I'm afraid I'm not as warm as the men that you must be accustomed to." She laughs, because what men, and he looks sharply back at her face. She remembers herself, pulls back from it like heat, pained face at having to go back, to the clash and cry: "What can I get for you tonight?" What are you? he asks again, and she swears she's just a waitress. "No, you're something more than that. You're something more than human." She begs him to stop, with her eyes: don't talk about the mole. Don't put me down where you are. Who knew not being alone meant joining others? "Sookie. That's an unusual name, Sookie. Is it short for something else?" She swallows, begging him with her eyes to stop being weird and start being her boyfriend. "Nope. Just plain Sookie." Nothing extra, nothing scary, nothing for this moment other than what you want. Just give me the silence.

"...May I call on you sometime?" Nice. That's even too oldschool for Sookie. "May I come and visit with you, at your home?" She's like, hell yeah: "My grandmother would love to meet you. Oh, that reminds me, can I talk to you after work? I have a favor to ask you." Bill galls a bit at the reminder; favors and loans: "After all, I am in your debt..." She laughs and clarifies that it's a favor for Adele, and something different for her. "If you'll be up... Well. I guess you will be." She laughs, and he smiles. "Would you mind meeting me around the back of the bar when I get off at... probably around one thirty?" He'd be delighted. She smiles at him.

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