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"Do you realize that every person in this establishment is staring at us right now?" And they are, among them Sam and Tara. (The music at this point, by the way, becomes totally amazing. Most TV shows written by gay guys, they do the whole romantic performance while everybody stares thing once. We are getting more than our money's worth.) "Oh, they're just staring at me because my brother's in some kind of trouble with the police." She thinks. "Bill, did you know Maudette Pickens?" He doesn't, wrong vamp and wrong story; they lean closer toward each other. "They are staring at us because I am a vampire. And you are mortal." She speaks to his lips, to his mouth: "Who cares what they think?" Bill does: he's returning home to Bon Temps after hundreds of years. She closes her eyes and nods. "Right." He leaves, promising to return at one thirty, and she's like, "Fucking for real this is happening? Vampire high school ROCKS!" Run away, Arlene thinks, As fast as your legs can take you. I guess... The other voices return: This is wrong. It's wrong. I shouldn't be feeling like this. I just want to watch them do it. Damn... He hypnotized her. I heard they can do that just by looking at you. Somebody... She's gonna let him feed... I'm telling Reverend...

Sam grabs her, and pulls her into the back, away from all the words. "Sookie, You're being a very stupid girl." She tells him off and says she can take care of herself. "I don't think so. Mack could have cut you up last night. How do you know what he'd have done? You settin' up a date with a vampire? What do you have, a death wish?" She says not a death wish, just a belief that judging an entire group of people based on the actions of a few individuals is morally wrong. Without strong morals, she would have drowned long ago. He tells her he won't let her put herself, or the bar, in danger. She asks if she's fired, and he puts his hand to his forehead in frustration: "No! But next time you think somebody's being harmed in the parking lot, pick up the phone and call the police. Do not go out there alone like a goddamn vigilante!" His voice is so loud at the end there that it scares him; it scares her more, shocking out some tears. All the tension and the weirdness and the fear and the sex well up, and she weeps, falling into his comforting embrace. "Oh, chère. Don't you know I couldn't stand to lose you?" That's what he says, but what he's thinking is the truth too. Feels so warm... I can't help it. I want you. Damn, you smell so good... I love the way you smell. I love you, and I always have. I want to tell you the truth... How often does he lose control? Has this happened before?

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