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Sookie backs up, more upset than ever, but Tara runs in to scream at her too. "Are you out of your ever-loving mind? That vampire wants you for dinner. I won't let you just walk into his trap. Ma'am, over my dead body. You mean too much to me." (Don't you look at me like that when I'm looking out for you. I never noticed how much you and Jason have the same eyes. Such sweet eyes. He could never kill anybody...) Sookie nearly screams with frustration, with embarrassment and confusion and desire to hurt: "Oh for heaven's sakes, Tara, Jason is never going to care about you the way you care about him." Tara's reaction is beautifully acted, eloquently ineloquent: "What the fuck? Y...? You made a prom... You stay out of my head!" (Sookie... I know how hard for her it's got to be... your burden... I understand, Sam thinks. Maybe he does.) Promised you would never do that again... Maybe Jason will get shook up by this whole Maudette... Sookie shivers and shouts. "Shut up, the both of you! And stop bossing me around! I am a grown woman, and I am the one who decides what I do, not one of you." She storms out, and Sam holds Tara back.

The Merlotte's sign turns off, leaving the parking lot darker. Sookie steps out tentatively, looking for Bill. Sam comes out and smiles at her, tender and quiet and unsure. She smiles and tells him she doesn't need anybody to wait with her. "Go home, Sam. Night." He smiles, gentled, and lets himself into another part of the building to sleep. She heads out to her car, as his house lights go down. There's an old car in the distance; a fluttering outside the light. Of course, she investigates; strange hands take hold of her and throw her to the ground, kicking her again and again until the blood pours from her mouth. It's Denise and Mack. She chokes on it.

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