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Say Hello To The Rest Of Us

No. Because SSAB chooses to classify itself as a store that has things, I guess, and misrepresented itself by not having this particular thing, which is a problem for Giant Lady, but now -- because she's having What Is trouble -- has also become Tara's problem. Say hello to the rest of us, Giant Lady, and welcome to a world without plastic murder sheeting. You have now created two problems. "Why didn't you just find it online and have it delivered to your house? Or were you just looking for an excuse to wear them ugly-ass clothes?" (I grant you that this is a bridge too far, but also, why are you still up my ass, Giant Lady? Go about your business!) Giant Lady in Giant Ugly Ass Clothes stares at her, and asks to speak to Tara's manager. Tara immediately acquiesces and screams a name (Raymond? Something Cajun I don't know?) and the manager looks up in total fear of her bullshit.

"Trust me, you are not gettin' me fired. I am quittin'. You were just the fuckin' catalyst, and for that, I ought to thank you." I love that, "You are the catalyst for all the hell I will now unleash." The lady tells her she's a very rude young woman (she is) but Tara replies that she's not being rude, she's being "uppity." Which is kind of great because firstly, who wouldn't love to act out like this, and secondly, the last thing Tara is interested in being is a sassy Southern black chick, and what better way to demonstrate how shitty people are for putting her in that box than by saying, "This is the box that you put me in."

I can't very well be making my only decisions or have an opinion that matters, because there's an us and a them and because of the amount of melanin in my skin, of all things, I'm a them and I always will be, and you need to somehow understand that this is retarded. It's not possible for me to be "rude," because that implies a choice: I'm being "uppity," because I resist the box that I'm in. One sassy black chick cannot tell another sassy black chick that she's being "uppity," without irony, for the same reason that 1 white person using the n-word will always > n sassy black chicks saying honky or cracker, or 1 man saying "bitch" > 1,000,000,000 women saying anything at all. By the same token, if Tara weren't black she'd just find something else. Maybe feminism, or whatever the thing was she happened to be, because if you want to talk about the terrors of intimacy, let's start with Tara. What makes it interesting is that she does have the black thing to use, and has no problem using it, and that's yucky to think about, which is what she's forcing you to do, which is -- for a woman -- being a bitch, and -- for a black person -- being uppity.

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