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Say Hello To The Rest Of Us

How uppity? Slapping the manager right in his fucking face amount of uppity, for quote "pattin' my ass too much." And again: there's your resignation, over and out. Except that Tara's kind of an asshole, and kind of too angry to think logically, and kind of deserves to be that angry, all the time: "I'm a get my babydaddy, who just got out of prison, to come and kick your teeth in." Do you get it yet? The person on the other side of this, talking? Nope. The manager starts shivering and begging for his life or whatever, and she just snorts mirthlessly. "Oh my God, I'm not serious, you pathetic racist. I don't have a baby." They stare at her, uncomprehending; they see the box quite clearly, but not the girl inside. "Damn. I know y'all have to be stupid, but do you have to be that stupid? Shit." She shoves past the Giant Lady: "Fuck this job."

Sam Merlotte -- gorgeous, earnest, unshaven, clearly in love with his employee Sookie -- answers the phone, super friendly; he hands it over to Sookie, who apologizes for getting calls at work. Sam says that it's okay, because at least she doesn't abuse the privilege like Arlene (an older, rougher, red-headed single mom) does, but what he means is, I looooove you. "This had better be an emergency," Sookie says, and Tara immediately comes clean about quitting her job: "I can't work for assholes." Sookie commends her on being so independently wealthy that she thinks she has a choice, "Miss Say-Hello-To-The-Rest-Of-Us," and Tara reminds her that Sam is not an asshole, and is additionally in love with her, so how would Sookie even know. Sookie is scandalized, to the point where Tara laughs at her. "Jesus. Look, you need to lighten up." Sookie hisses at her, admonishing her for use of "the J word," heh, and Tara says she's coming to the bar for a margarita. When she hangs up, she hangs her head, low, against the steering wheel.

Dawn, the younger hotter other waitress at Merlotte's, warns Sookie that Mack and Denise Rattray are just about to sit in her section. Sookie looks, just as Mack's slapping Dawn's white-trash skanky ass and she responds with a hearty "What the fuck?" Ew, these people. Sam mutters to Sookie to stay strong, and calls her chère. Mack's thoughts are as follows: he would like something from the menu that will give him the runs, he would like Sookie to wrap her "sweet lips" around his "slim reaper," and then also to "hop aboard the Mack express" and "ride all the way to heaven." So that's what Mack is like, in addition to being totally creepy and gross to look at. Meanwhile, Denise asks in her slowest short-bus voice for onion rings, with mustard, while thinking about how Sookie's "pathetic, like a dog that's been kicked too many times, and keeps coming back for more." Sookie smiles at them and takes the hell off. "I think she's retarded," Denise surmises as she walks away.

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