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What Distant Deeps Or Skies

Dusk. Jason's truck arrives. A bit later, Tara watches Jason open a beer for himself. "Look, I'm just saying. Do you want a vampire sucking blood out of you?" Sookie complains she's just trying to get to know him, but Jason's not done: "That's where it's gonna end up. Always does." Sookie asks WTF he even knows about vampires, and he says portentously that he knows a lot more than he cares to, causing Sookie to flounce exasperatedly for the parlor, dropping silly folksy weirdo colloquialisms in her wake. Tara watches Jason bring the beer to his mouth, and finally speaks up. "Uh uh, that's my beer. You asked if I wanted anything to drink, and I said I'd have a beer. And that's when you went to the fridge." His hands were like umbrellas, forgotten in his thirst; he exercised his prerogative and forgot what he had offered her. He apologizes vociferously; she drinks deep and watches his ass as he gets another.

Sookie's sweeping the front porch when he arrives, again, without a sound or warning. She gasps, and realizes it's boundary time: Bill, I... I don't like it when you do that." He worries that he's upset her, and she assures him it's fine, putting the broom aside. She makes way for him to enter the house, and he doesn't move. She giggles, but he explains that she has to invite him in; he can't even try, though she dares him to like always. She loves this part. "That is so weird!" She calms herself down and grins. "Oh, Bill, won't you please come in?" He thanks her, but she steps in front of him, asking about the other half: "So. If I were to withdraw my invitation, would you have to leave?" He nods as though the thought is mortally wounding to him; maybe it is. Maybe he's in love. "Well, I'll have to remember that," she says, once again reminding him of all the ways she retains the power here, and steps aside.

There's nowhere to cut because all the main characters are in the same room, so it's just later. Adele offers little sandwiches to the suspiciously staring Tara and very angry fangophobic Jason -- who takes too many and must arrange them on the tail of his Alabama Thunderpussy t-shirt as though it's a plate -- before turning to their guest. Bill shakes his head, a little awkwardly, and Adele gasps, remembering immediately that he doesn't eat and horrified that she's caught him off-guard. Across from him, Jason takes a big lovely bite.

"Your people, Mr. Compton. They were from this area, I believe?" Yes. His father was a Compton and his mother was a Loudermilk. "Oh, there are a lot of Loudermilks left! But I'm afraid old Mr. Jesse Compton died last year..." Bill nods. That's why he's back in Bon Temps, there aren't any living Comptons, so he's taken over the old Compton place. "And as I expect the VRA to pass, I..." Jason interrupts immediately, ignoring Sookie's stare. "I wouldn't be too sure about that if I were you. A lot of Americans don't think you people deserve special rights." Bill points out that they're not special, just equal, and as usual in this conversation Jason ignores him altogether: "No, I'm just saying there's a reason things are the way they are." Bill agrees, and calls it out as injustice, which infuriates Jason even more: "Listen! It's called This Is How We Do It!" He points at the floor with every word. "This is my house," Adele says quietly. "I will not tolerate rudeness." Jason grumbles. Where logic fails or contradicts, we will always have the status quo; wherever a man benefits from his circumstance, he will always name it tradition; whatever a man recognizes in himself, and fails to acknowledge, must be regulated in all others.

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