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What Distant Deeps Or Skies

Jason is reclined on the couch when Tara enters, carrying two beers, and sits as closely to his body as is humanly possible, which: why wouldn't you, and starts the very awkward business of acting like a human being just long enough to fool Jason into falling in love with her. Inviting him in, to a place nobody knows about; asking for invitation into his own secret place that she just knows is there. "I don't know why your grandmother was so short with you. You're just trying to protect Sookie." Jason complains: "I hate it when people treat me like I ain't got a lick of sense. Like I'm still just a kid, or... I don't know, in the way." Tara says she knows what that's like. Of course she does. "It sucks, that's what it's like!" She nods sagely. "You feel alone in the world, like nobody understands you, or even sees you." He nods, and really notices she's sitting there, for the first time; she's working overtime to do that thing her cousin does without trying, that thing her best friend can't help doing, that human thing where you listen to somebody and understand them, and then you say something and they understand you. Intimacy. "That ain't right, because everybody is, you know, somebody. ...We're all just trying to be... Trying to be seen, to... To matter." He stretches his body across hers, his legs in her lap, stretching and laughing, settling into the sofa, innocent and intimate at once. "How'd you get to be so smart?"

This part she knows, and so do you: "I'm not smart at all, Jason. I'm not. I am constantly doing things I shouldn't and end up getting me in trouble. I'm a fucking idiot sometimes." That's half the equation, and he fills in the other half: "Well, can I tell you a secret? I am too." That's the deal done, then; the rest is just the math. Showing your work. "It's not that much of a secret," Tara says, as is expected; giving permission. He tickles her there, on the couch, legs entangled, laughing and agreeing. When it's done, she's in his arms, snuggled down tight into the warmth of him, the length of his body underneath hers. Capable of anything. And just at the last second, just as she's steeled herself for the next step, just as she's about to ask for her invitation, he jumps into the air: "Shit! I was supposed to pick up Dawn from work!" They sit up, he curses, and finishes up his beer -- I guess to help him drive better -- and whines about how she's going to be pissed. (Although, to be fair, by the end of the episode you're going to be a lot more sympathetic to that particular fear.) He calls goodnight to Adele, and alone in the sitting room, Tara laughs ruefully at herself. "...Well, shit." And that's what we call falling completely in love with Tara, because OMG was that a little too close to home.

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