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What Distant Deeps Or Skies

That night, a middle-aged woman with faded makeup and low self-esteem, calls out to Tara: "Hey sugar, make Mom another stinger, would you?" Poor choice of words; Tara jumps on her viciously but she can barely focus on Tara's face. "You listen to me, Jane Boathouse. You're already drunk as a skunk. Ain't no man in here gonna wanna take you home. Sam will have to call your son to come and get you just like he always does, even though everybody knows it humiliates him to death. Ain't you ashamed of yourself?" Jane stares at her hazily, forming words. "What'd you just say to me?" Tara sucks on her lollipop and bats her eyelashes. "I said, any particular brand of cognac?" Jane sighs. "No. Whatever you have that's nice. And cheap."

Going past, Sam reminds her that he told her to buy a uniform; she asks why he doesn't wear one. "Because I own this place and wear what I want." Well what about Terry Bellefleur? "I've spent enough time in uniforms," Terry snickers, but Tara shakes her head. "No. Because you're a man, and Sam don't feel the need to sexualize the men in his employment the same way he do the women." Exasperated, Sam gives her leave to ignore the uniform policy, and she thanks him kindly. "Remind me why I hired you again?" She smiles. "Affirmative action." It makes Terry laugh, at least, and he's still laughing when she brings Jane her drink.

Sookie brings a table of stupid young studs their loaded skins and pitcher of beer, and asks if that's all they want. (...Serve them nachos offa them perfect titties, we'd all be mighty obliged. Ain't nothing I like more than lickin' food off...) She nods abruptly and leaves, and as she turns to go -- (...girls tits and ... that's a fine ass, too...) He reaches out and squeezes Sookie's bottom; Rene appears out of nowhere and twists the kid's arm behind his back. "You wanna let go of the lady, you? Or you want me to knock you into next week?" The kid whines that he's about to break his arm, and Rene tells him to apologize. "Maybe you and your friends should find someplace else to eat, yeah." As they file out, Rene stares one down: "Don't look at me, you." When they're gone, Sookie tells Rene he should have let her handle it herself, but he pays it no mind. "Ahh, Merlotte's is a nice place, and we all want to keep it that way. And besides, you remind me of my baby sister, you." He pushes her hair off her forehead. "I hope to God that somebody will stick up for her if some asshole ever does her that way." She smiles weakly and leaves, weirdly; Rene wonders if she's retarded after all, and busses their pitcher of Bud.

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