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What Distant Deeps Or Skies

She shifts under his gaze; he wants her. "...I should be gettin' home." He doesn't move. She tries to stand, and is shocked into a smile. "Wow. I feel completely healed." She is. This is life we're talking about: Full is not heavy as empty, not nearly my love, not nearly my love, not nearly. He cocks his head at her. "Do doctors know that v-juice can do this?" No way. "And we wanna keep it that way. I should show you to your car." He looks at her a bit longer and stands, holding out a hand.

At the party in Monroe, Lafayette knows everybody. He's like Puck, Mercutio, a mascot, everywhere at once. Tara watches him from afar, balanced against Sookie and against Lafayette too: she holds people at a distance because she must, and because she enjoys it. Most people just think she's crazy; everybody knows she's a bitch. There's nothing worse than a beautiful girl that doesn't want anything from you. A ridiculous man with a pick in his hair swaggers over, humming his approval. She grins, because he's a tool, and they introduce themselves. Terrell says "alright" before and after every clause in every sentence. "So what's a fine girl like you doing sitting here all by herself?" She answers honestly: "I'm watching my fool cousin trying to hit on the straightest man here." Lafayette backs it up, booty-dancing on the crotch of a man caught between affection and hilarity and stark raving fear. Terrell advances the theory that he's actually the straightest man at the party -- she can ask any of the "honeys" at the party to confirm. He's got that whole vulpine metro lady's-man thing happening, like TC Carson on Living Single: almost unbelievable, but very sure about itself. Terrell watches Tara watch Terrell.

Tara informs her suitor that she's married, which he assures her is not a problem. She swallows fearfully. "Well, my husband is a mercenary. Yeah, Black oil. He just got back from assassinating some guys in Iraq." He's not buying, but she insists it's true: "He ain't worth me, I can tell you that. But if he ever caught me with another man, he'd kill us both. I'm not sure who he'd kill first. Probably me." Her voice cracks, hilariously, and her eyes go wild: "I hope so..." Terrell offers the opinion that she is a crazy bitch, which she's heard before. "He already shot one guy in the nuts, just for buying me a CD..." He's standing before she hits the punchline, and flees. Tara watches the party, going on all around her; she's not a part of it. It's her prerogative to uninvite herself from everything; Tara watches Tara at the party, going on all around her, having chased off another beast. She looks around for Lafayette, but he's gone; she sits back again. This is how she's most comfortable, because she's never comfortable.

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