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Gran and Sookie agree that Jesus wouldn't mind vampires; wouldn't judge a person based on this particular issue. Sookie asks if the sausage is different today, v-juice coursing through her still: "It tastes so much more complex than it usually does," she says, and Adele frets that it's gone bad. "No, it's delicious. It's like I can close my eyes and I can see the farm the pig lived on, and feel the sun and the rain on my face, and even taste the earth that the herbs grew out of." Gran stares at her, because that was a mouthful. Especially for a werewolfish cliché like this, so hoary and old that you don't need to really explain it. But this is about connecting nature, and violence, and sex: Sookie can't go after the sex part yet, because of her particular qualities and burdens, but she can get there through the food, through the violence and the death inherent in the food; through the pleasure and sustenance and sensuality of food. Tara enters, heading for the coffee, and Adele welcomes her, ordering her to sit and offering to make a new pot.

(Of all the kinds of intimacy this show and this episode is about, the whole invitation thing -- the places where we overlap with other people's living spaces, and how this itself overlaps with the ways our lives overlap -- made the biggest impression on me. I've always been fascinated and kind of insanely governed by the rules governing the host and hostess, the way we treat guests, the complicated choreography of invitation and welcome, of service to others, of pride in the home. Sodom was destroyed, for these: not the weird sex shit -- which the "hero" of the tale took to an even weirder place than the Sodomites, frankly -- but the other part: the part where socially, in the Middle East, to treat a guest with anything other than perfect respect meant death for them, in the desert. When all you've got are small houses and oases, with miles and miles of death between them, the art of the hostess is a matter of life or death. And, like anything unnatural -- i.e., that which resists nature, that which is Apollonian and not Dionysian blah blah blah -- that's necessary for society to exist, it becomes part of God's law. Even vampires must abide by it. Vampires don't have choices, they have hungers; humans don't have unbreakable rules, they have prerogatives. Which is scarier? Drink of one and you lose the knowledge of good and evil; drink of the other and you have eternal life. And thousands of years later Martha Stewart's on the Internet or channel 586 telling you five great ways to spruce up a front room using common household items... But we're still leaving the door wide open for Elijah. I like that.)

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