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Resting Places

"I wouldn't change a thing," he says, stroking her hair and gazing kindly at her until she lies back down. He kisses her forehead and they doze. "What's it like to sleep in the ground?" Bill admits it's not that comfortable, with a hundred-yard stare, but it's safe. "Which, if I recall, is what the three voicemails required of me that night..." She laughs; they are sweet. The doorbell rings and they sit up, startled; she remembers Arlene's date. "Shall I go?" She tells him to stay, because it'll be good for Arlene, but probably pants would be a good idea. She kisses him and runs downstairs; he doesn't take his eyes off her.

The kids at the front door wonder what took so long, and she says she was in the backyard. Lisa stares up at her. "In your nightie?" asks Coby, as Bill appears. "The cat got out," Bill says with that crooked, creepy smile he gets. "Made friends with a squirrel." Lisa points at him, and Arlene gets scared. "Uh, Sookie? You didn't mention that you had company..." Sookie points out that she had no reason to broadcast that, and Arlene's like, "Valid, but I should know who's looking after my kids," and Sookie points to herself and Bill: "Well? Here we are. Is there a problem?" Rene tells Arlene to take it easy, reminding her that Bill had a couple of children once too. Arlene chills a little, but takes off a couple of her silver bangles and puts them on her kids, right in front of him. Sookie is appalled, but Bill's just like Oh boy. Sookie offers pizza and the kids scream and shout; Rene asks if Bill can eat pizza and he says he's heard it's quite delicious, again with that fucked-up smile he gets when he's trying way too hard. Give me chills.

"You know what's good about sex that people never mention? For anywhere between five minutes to an hour, you forget your own fucked-up life." Sam considers that. "Only if it's good. If it's not, it reminds you just how bad your life really is." Tara tells him, then, that he must be pretty good, and they luxuriate in their forgetfulness, laughing. "Thanks, you're not bad yourself," Sam says, in his usual awkward way, and Tara, looking for a fight, immediately rolls away from him in the white sheets. "Easy on the praise, honey." Sam wonders WTF it was this time, and assures her she is good, but she keeps pushing. He begs her not to grill him about that stuff, but she finally pushes hard enough that he's like, "Sometimes you grunt." Um, Barkley Barksdale IV is calling you a grunter? Tara goes nuts. "It's just a sound!" he protests, and she's off.

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