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"Don't be coy. It's humbling enough to turn to a human for assistance. We know what you can do." So then why not fucking glamour him? Eric respects her more than that, and asks her to fucking chill out because obviously they would have tried that already. "So," he says a little more strongly, asserting his authority in the room, "It would be a great favor to me -- and to Mr. Compton -- if you help us." Sookie asks what happens to the culprit when she finds him, and from the bar creepy old Long Shadow assures her they'll turn him over to the human authorities. "Hundreds of years old and you're still a terrible liar. Come on." She looks up at Eric, willing to deal with demons directly. She's been doing it her whole life. We look at her gifts as a handicap a lot of the time, but knowing the worst thing about every single person in Bon Temps has to give you some confidence in negotiation, right? It's like your intuition taking V. "I'll make you a deal. If you promise to hand over the person who did this to the police, I'll agree to help you... Any time you want." That shaking, terrible, barely controlled smile, and eyes that say she's the bee's knees: "Why not?" Sookie reaches across the table for Bruce.

(Shit what's this crazy bitch doing why did I agree to work for vampires goddamn it I knew it was a bad idea been nothing but straight with these fuckers gotta be an idiot to steal from them Jesus Christ I was the one who reported it...) Sookie's natural kindness takes the reins from her rage and, having shared his mind, can't be bothered to be angry any more. She's naturally Good Cop, thanks to a lifetime playing off Tara and Jason both, but this is about him. "Bruce, it's okay, take a deep breath. Did you steal their money?" He shivers and quakes and swears he didn't, babbling, and she calms him, shushing. "Do you know who did?" (I wish, I would turn that fucker in so fast couldn't have been Ginger she's too dumb although she's hot as shit I'd fuck her if I could) And that's enough of that: Sookie tells Eric he's clean.

Long Shadow coughs. "You trust the skinny human to clear the fat one?" Bill watches Eric breathe, and nod. Yes, he trusts the skinny human. She's guileless; vulnerability as power, passive mindreading as the ultimate aggression: Sookie's a Steel Magnolia because she has no other options than complete honesty. This has been her most dishonest day, and her most insanely disclosing day too, but even so. If she had anything to hide, she would hide it, or at least make the attempt not to be a bitch whenever she opens her mouth. You know what I mean? She's not scared, but she's not dissembling either. Bill practically cries, relieved, as Eric nods his approval of Sookie and orders the next human brought in.

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