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Resting Places

"Are you serious? I haven't had hoecakes since..." Since Lettie Mae's mother was alive. "I always could make 'em, just never did. The demon never let me." Demons hate breakfast! Tara sits down like a little girl, kicking those Juilliard legs, six years again or younger, and spears a cake. "Mmm! You made these with bacon grease." She's so young for a moment. She piles them onto her plate. "It's the only way." Tara sucks them down like a vampire, like she's starving: trying to fill up on love, to replace the hole her childhood left with another chance at happiness. "You eat, baby girl. I got me some more devil juice to take out." Tara smiles out the door at her Momma. Strong little Mommy, back from the dead.

Jason and Amy lay on his bed, minds blown. His sheets are, needless to say, black satin, because sex is a show Jason puts on for Jason. Until today. "Goddamn. You... You are not like anybody I ever met." Amy agrees, and they stare up together, and Jason explains what it is, that thing he's been looking for, the way it finally presented itself: "It felt like the whole world came together. Me, you, the bed, the house. We were all one big giant..." Love, love, love. Amy nods: "...Organism." Jason goes for the rimshot: "Yeah, mine was huge." She laughs and he stretches, thoughtful and spent. "I never knew vamp blood could do something like this to you."

Amy agrees. "I mean... I've had V partners before, but this was... on a totally different planet." They curl up, around each other. "You're an extraordinary being." He jumps, not sure if she's making fun, or trying to offend. "What's that supposed to mean?" She's not wrong. "In some ways, we barely know each other, right? But you felt that. Tell me that that wasn't just me. We ... tapped into each other." He nods, excitedly, and falls all over himself trying to agree.

Amy Burley looks Jason in the eye. "There's something old and good and wise deep down in you." (Starbuck! He is Starbuck!) "I have to know that person." Jason's put off, troubled by it. Nobody, as they say, wants the embarrassment of absolution. Not when so much of the scaffolding is getting by on blame and lack of expectations. As long as Jason is retarded and amoral, he'll never let anybody down. Tell him how wonderful he really is, and the whole thing falls apart. "Come on, cut it out. Nobody who knows me has ever called me wise." Doesn't make it true. Me and Diogenes had a twenty riding on you since day one. "Then nobody really knows you." It's true. Painful and loving, wonderful and terrible in the same moment. Nobody really knows you, so you don't exist and you don't matter/Nobody knows you but me. He is overcome, and hides his tears from her, burrowing down into the bed.

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